The northern rosella is found from the Gulf of Carpentaria, through Arnhem Land to the Kimberleys in open savannah country, Australia. Rosellas also consume their share of seeds both in the wild and in captivity. The Crimson Rosella lives in southeast and east Australia; the nominate subspecies in the southeast and two darker subspecies (nigrescens and melanoptera) on the east coast and Kangaroo Island. Birds from northern Queensland are generally smaller and darker than southern birds. Rosellas are not great talkers, but may pick up a few simple words. The Northern rosella is an Australian bird. Otherwise, all the forms are similar in pattern. The Northern Rosella is mostly pale yellow with a distinctive black cap and  patches on its cheeks which are either blue and white or mostly white. The 'Adelaide Rosella' is intermediate in colour, ranging from yellow with a reddish wash to dark orange. It is found from the Kimberley in far northern Western Australia through to the Top End of the Northern Territory. Seeds . It has an off-white beak, and grey legs and feet. Description Edit Ranging in size from 26–37 cm (10– 14 1 ⁄ 2 in), rosellas are medium-sized parrots with long tails. In its natural habitat, the early breeding season of the Northern Rosella is designed to avoid the intense summer heat and avoid the young being subjected to extremes of summer heat that would most likely kill the eggs and young. The 'Yellow Rosella' has the crimson areas replaced with light yellow and the tail more greenish. The Crimson Rosella (Platycercus elegans) is native to east and south east Australia (Southern Queensland to Victoria in Australia). It has blue areas on its shoulders, a scaly looking underside and a red patch under its tail. These native Australian birds are commonly found in New Zealand and Norfolk Island. The long blue tail. Otherwise, all the forms are similar in pattern. As the name suggests, crimson rosellas are red parrots having conspicuous patches of blue and black on their bodies. The crimson rosella’s contact call is described as a high-pitched whistle. The 'Yellow Rosella' has the crimson areas replaced with light yellow and the tail more greenish. Rosellas are, however, great whistlers and can learn to whistle songs. Eastern rosellas and crimson rosellas have been spotted cross-breeding in Canberra. Birds from northern Queensland are generally smaller and darker than southern birds. According to the website, crimson Rosellas prefer fresh fruits while golden mantle Rosellas prefer to eat only small bits of fruit and leave the rest for later. What Do Rosellas Eat? Many non-predatory birds' diets consist, to a large extent, of various seeds. This species has also been introduced to New Zealand and Norfolk Island (a small island in the Pacific Ocean … The beautiful, brightly-coloured Rosellas are related to the grass parakeets and often spend time on the ground. When alarmed, a rosella might emit a shrill call and some softer calls when foraging or roosting. Known for their screeching vocalizations, Crimson Rosellas are natives to Australia’s eastern as well as south-eastern regions. Commonly found in gardens and mountain forests, they soon migrated to the surrounding regions of Norfolk Island and New Zealand. The 'Adelaide Rosella' is intermediate in colour, ranging from yellow with a reddish wash to dark orange.

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