And, it can be especially tough in a state like Nebraska where only 3 percent of its total land acreage is open to publicly hunt, though more public access walk-in property (approximately one-million acres) is available to hunters this year than ever before in history. Hiking, biking and horseback trails. The sandy soil is prone to wind erosion, resulting in blowouts. Head west to the Pine Ridge complex, where you can hunt Merriam's in the Nebraska National Forest and numerous Wildlife Management Areas. Adventurers should know the Nebraska National Forest has two distinct areas. About deer hunting in Nebraska Nebraska’s, modern deer season began in 1945, with a harvest of 275 mule deer and two whitetail deer from Nebraska National Forest near Halsey. In the late 1800s, a professor of botany, Dr. Charles E. Bessey, believed the Sandhills had been previously forested. Nebraska National Forest – Bessey Ranger District. Club Shoots. Since then, deer hunting has become a treasured tradition enjoyed by countless … Photo by Justin Haag/NEBRASKAland Magazine/Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. NBA Mission Statement.

We are back for round 2 of a great 2016 western mule deer hunt. This district of the Nebraska National Forest covers more than 90,000 acres, and is the largest hand-planted forest in the world. This spring HTN field Pro-Staffer Kenny Kunz and myself booked a 3 day reservation with host Julia Rhoades-Carr to stay at the cozy Pine Street Cabin located just minutes … The Nebraska National Forest consists of the Buffalo Gap, Fort Pierre and Oglala National Grasslands and the Nebraska and Samuel R. McKelvie National Forests. Open access land is compiled in the Public Access Atlas. Ranchers and farmers across the country use the seedlings to establish windbreaks and wildlife planting as well as a source to re-forest National Forests in the Rocky Mountain Region.

Pine Ridge Ranger District. Hunters and trappers must get permission before hunting or trapping on private land. McKelvie National Forest. Phone: (308) 432-0300. It is a favorite place for camping, ATV-ing, horseback riding, hiking and picnicking. Nebraska National Forest - Halsey. Deer and turkey hunting on public lands. The Forest is comprised of 141,549 acres. The Nebraska National Forest began in 1902 as an experiment to produce trees and plant them in what is now the largest human-made forest in the United States. Nebraska National Forest (Bessey Ranger District) North America's largest man-made forest is located right in the Nebraska Sandhills. Open year-round. Elsewhere in Nebraska, look to the river bottoms. Our mission is to preserve and promote bowhunting in Nebraska. WE HAVE THE BEST JOB!

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