Arkansas River Basin where recent research shows mule deer are only rarely found in riparian areas (Kufeld and Bowden 1995). The bucks have the same tendacy towards no brow tines or 1 brow tine, and/or short brows. Related Questions. Vaoutdoors, Apr 18, 2017. Ensuring the conservation of mule deer, black-tailed deer and their habitat. Richwoods Hunting.

Attracting hunters and enthusiasts from Arkansas and beyond, a Mule Deer Hunting Trip at Rocky Fork Whitetails is the ultimate location for the most insane Mule Deer Hunting Trip in Ohio; or anywhere else. Are there mule deer in Arkansas? 1999). Asked in Deer Are the deer in Utah Mule deer or Whitetails? BTW, I have kin folks that manage a family deer lease of about 30 hunters for the last 30 plus deer 10-20 miles down the Saline NW of Fordyce. Brooks’ family also owns some mule deer habitat in New Mexico, and she knows numerous Arkansas hunters who travel to both Texas and New Mexico in pursuit of muleys. There are however Elk in the Harrison area but the permits had to be applied for from May 1- July 15. ... We work hard to bring the best Arkansas Hunting Forum!

The mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus) is a deer indigenous to western North America; it is named for its ears, which are large like those of the mule.The several subspecies include the black-tailed deer.. Macy L. Brooks, co-founder of Buck Nekkid BBQ in Fayetteville, Ark., signed a Chapter Charter with the Mule Deer Foundation (MDF) last week. Favorite Answer No there are no mule deer in Arkansas. No. Historical Arkansas … Consider upgrading for less than a box of ammo. The hills much like the black hills are moderate, easy walking and the snow is there if you are lucky makes the Mule Deer easy to locate and the terrain makes it easy to get within 200 yards every time, well within today's muzzleloader range. White-tailed deer are a different species but overlap in range with the mule deer in some places. Richwoods Hunting offers guided deer hunting and turkey hunting for groups in Northcentral Arkansas. Just wanted to show off my NM mule deer bow kill that is almost finished up. LIVE 2 HUNT with Cody and Kelsy 98,001 views 22:07 Record hunt of 213,487 deer in 2013. This hunting ranch in Southwest Kansas located right next to the Arkansas River features textbook trophy mule deer habitat with seemingly endless rolling hills of sagebrush and tall native grass. WORLD RECORD MONSTER CROSSBOW MULE DEER BY 13 YEAR OLD! I have wondered if the introduction of the mule deer to these Saline river bottoms might be part of the problem. For further descriptions of the riparian plant communities found in Colorado, see the Colorado Natural Heritage Program’s series of riparian vegetation classifications by river basin (Kittel et al. Attracting hunters and enthusiasts from Arkansas and beyond, a Mule Deer Hunting Lodge at Rocky Fork Whitetails is the ultimate location for the most insane Mule Deer Hunting Lodge in … With each bound, a mule deer may jump as high as two feet and as far as 15 feet. Arkansas Deer Population: An estimated 1 million or more deer in 2012 through 2018, a million in 2011. Guided Hunting & Lodging near Mountain View, Arkansas (870) 213-5352 (870) 213-5352. Learn more

A mule deer does not “flag” its tail (like a white-tailed deer), but often bounces away in a motion called “stotting,” in which all four hooves push off the ground at the same time. Black-tailed deer are a subspecies of mule deer found in the Northwest and, as their name suggests, have black tails instead of white. President & CEO February 13, 2020 After 14 years of leadership, Miles Moretti, the Mule Deer Foundation’s current President & CEO, will retire October 1, 2020. Wiki User 2013-12-24 22:23:00. Unlock additional features and fewer ads while browsing . Deer Management Assistance Program The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission's mission is to conserve and enhance Arkansas's fish and wildlife and their habitats while promoting sustainable use, public understanding and support. Herd analysis at right. A mule deer may not escape as fast as a white-tailed deer, but a mule deer is more effective in quickly moving through rugged terrain. Should be done drying in about 2 weeks. Private access to more than 500 acres, with lodging. A late season heven for Mule Deer where they get into cover to begin their winter routine out of the wind. Vaoutdoors, Apr 18, 2017. 200"+ | L2H S08E01 "Thirteen for a King" - Duration: 22:07.

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