ARIZONA MUD TURTLE Kinosternon arizonense : DESCRIPTION: A small (shell up to 152 mm or 6" in length ) turtle with a dome shaped shell. The marginal shields (see figure below) are often marked with yellow. Species: odoratum. Order: Testudines. Like the related musk turtles (Sternotherus), they are small animals (usually 15 … The Upemba Mud Turtle (Pelusios upembae) is a species of turtle in the Pelomedusidae family. Great caution is advised when housing this species with others of its kind, or with closely related species. Genus: Sternotherus. The West African mud turtle is a medium sized, aquatic turtle found throughout West Africa. Most freshwater turtles bury themselves in the mud at the bottom of deep ponds or lakes to survive the winter. Class: Reptilia. This species has a brown upper shell (carapace) with three stripes that may not be visible, and a rust colored lower shell (plastron). Mud turtle, (genus Kinosternon), any of about 18 species of semiterrestrial freshwater turtles belonging to the family Kinosternidae. Water depth preference can be problematic when choosing tank mates in a community setting however.
Size: Shell averages 3 – 5 in. long. The Upemba mud turtle is classified as Data Deficient (DD), inadequate information to make a direct, or indirect, assessment of its risk of extinction. Egg Gestation: Females lay 1 – 9 eggs that hatch 60 – 85 days later . Source - * Tortoise & Freshwater Turtle Specialist Group 1996. Life span: 50 or more years. It differs and is distinguished from the others by yellow coloring on its head, throat, and sides of neck. As any turtle, the mud turtle is a semi-aquatic, ectothermic creature.

Number of young at birth: 1 – 9. More. The yellow mud turtle has a similarly colored shell of dark, olive brown to the other mud turtles, as well as similar characteristics.

Mississippi mud turtles do well in a community situation with basking turtles such as cooters and sliders provided the size difference is not too great. Mud turtles are found in North and South America from New England to northern Argentina. While turtles require oxygen to live, they can extract small amounts directly from the water via their throat or cloaca. It is known for burrowing into the mud during hibernation in the fall and winter seasons. Age of maturity: 3 – 4 years. During droughts and when seasonal spaces dry up, the turtles will aestivate into the ground to wait out the wet season.
The carapace is flat on top and is usually olive, brown, or yellow-brown in color. The mud turtle, a member of the chelonian family, is a type of turtle found in marshes, bogs, and freshwater environments. Common Musk Turtle Fact Sheet. The striped mud turtle is a small aquatic turtle with an oval shaped shell that can reach four inches in length (10 centimeters). It is endemic to Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Highly adaptable, they occur in many fresh water habitats such as mud holes, swamps, rivers and ponds. Weight: 1 – 2 lb. Family: Kinosternidae.

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