2 sizes are available, the standard size can take 4 x Flexmort’s body boards and the larger size can take either 3 coffins or 3 body boards. Boards; Inflatable; Surfboard; Accessories; Swimfins; History; Login / Register Sign in Create an Account. Need description here. $39.95. Or login with. HUBBOARDS Bodyboards Kick Board EPS Core - 21" - 2018/19 Model. View... STEALTH BODYBOARDS Midget Graphic EPS Core - 2017/18 Model - 22' $39.95. The WauK® board offers a new way to discretely remove the deceased from tight spaces, multi‑story buildings, narrow stairwells, and more. Based on your selection, we suggest considering one of our three-or four-body upright units. … With a 500‑pound capacity, this sturdy 30‑pound tool gives funeral directors, coroners, and medical examiners a new way to remove the deceased with dignity and respect. Display: List / Grid. Quick view $ 4,625.00 .

$32.95. Perfect for coolers and/or storage racks. Add to Wish List. These boards are made to … For more information, call us directly at 1-888-792-9315 or go to our CONTACT page. COVID-19 Update: We are continuing to process orders; however, orders may take up to 5 business days from the date of purchase to ship out. Each level of the mobile mortuary rack is fully rollered to ensure sliding bodies onto the rack requires minimal manual handling. Body Bags; Body Sealer; Cantilever Cadaver Racks; Church Trucks; Cot Covers & Pouches; Drapes; Embalming Tables; Casket Flag Bands & Burial Flags; Gloves; Lifts; Slider Boards & Stretchers; Stretcher Bed/Ramp; News; About Us; Contact Us; Affiliates; Body Bags What We Are . Remember me. Username or email * Password * Log in. Based on your selection, we suggest considering one of our nine-body walk-in units. You can leave it on the cot for removals or leave it on the prep t.. $320.00 . Menu . Mortuary Merchandise. Replacement Parts. Head Sling. We are very dependable, cost effective specialists who strive for excellence. View... NOMAD BODYBOARDS Nano EPS Core - 21" - 2019/20 Model. Sale! The board fits easily in and out of caskets. 0 items / $ 0.00. 3 Body Side Loading Mortuary Cooler - AMC Model #3BX-SL Regular price $12,720.00 $8,374.00 Sale 3 Body Oversized Mortuary Cooler with Interior Rolling Rack Model# 3BX Facebook. View... Hydro Bodyboards Scoop EPS Core - 37' $34.95. Add to Compare. These boards are made specific for the Mobi Cantilever storage racks and can be used with roller bar side load and end load storage racks.

View... STEALTH BODYBOARDS Midget EPS Core - 2017/18 Model - 22' $39.95. It is lighter and narrower than standard cots. The MOBI Body Transfer Board is crafted from hi-strength polyethylene plastic.

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