Then I was gonna bring it back to you, honest." A Bird in the Hoof: Generation 4 | Season 1 | Episode 22 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Original Airdate April 8, 2011 Writer(s) Charlotte Fullerton Director(s) Jayson Thiessen << Previous Episode Next Episode >> Over a Barrel: The Cutie Mark Chronicles "So, if you wanna banish me and then throw me in a dungeon in the place that you banish me to, then that's what I deserve." "Princess Celestia, I'm the one who took your pet bird. MLP: FiM Episode Review- A Bird in the Hoof “Nothing’s wrong with my pretty bird.” Salutations! Fluttershy and her friends are invited to an afternoon Tea with Princess Celestia at Sugar Cube Corner. Princess Celestia walked over to the burnt ashes. Somehow, between Celestia's announcement where everyone was looking at her and when she was packing up and leaving It has a very post-modern look, with the bowl shape. It is a big improvement but that wouldn't have been too hard in retrospect, with the premise alone being much more appealing. references, random, mlp. Celestia approaches, and Twilight tries to explain, but Fluttershy admits to taking the bird. Princess Celestia has a beloved pet bird she brings with her when she visits Ponyville, and the Cakes wait on her nervously. Drawfriend Stuff (Pony Art Gallery) #3346 ... A Bird in the Hoof: Discussion by Sethisto. And generally, the rating I give to episodes that aren't good enough to be liked but not bad enough to be disapproved is a 7/10 . Not only is it gross like Season 6 Spongebob, it's also really mean, especially at the end. Before she can explain why the bird looks like AIDS, she is called away for some royal thingamashit. She placed her hoof on mine and looked at Princess Celestia. Evil Twilight is Evil.... And because it is amazing. S1E22: "A Bird in the Hoof" Written by Charlotte Fullerton 8 Apr 2011 My original rating: N/A IMDB score: 7.3 The one with dungeons and banishment. Without asking permission, Fluttershy borrows the Princesss sick bird in order to heal it, and the ponies must work together to get it back before she notices. Drawfriend - Equestria Girls / Anthro MLP Art Gallery #196. Today is my birthday, yay. She leaves, Twilight's little third regeneration secret is in the clear, but a bigger tragedy has arisen. Other than the "Fluttershy fucking stole a bird" complaint that I have, there's nothing else wrong with "A Bird in the Hoof". Have some top tier Tavi with a bunch of other humanized and anthro below! Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Thats an interesting couch in the background there. So much about it is a delight, and not just that it's full of Fluttershy doing her thing. Also with the Princess is her pet bird… I really was only trying to help the poor little thing. A blog by ... being the hosts, are waiting on her hoof and um, other hoof, by pouring her more tea as soon as she sips it, so she plays a little joke on them: she only pretends to sip, making the cup overflow when they try to “refill” it. Fluttershy is taken aback and we find she bird-napped Philamena to take care of and heal for Celestia. Thoughts: This is an episode I've always thought underrated. I want that devil bird roasted in the oven, so she can be served to me on a … Fluttershy notices how sick the bird looks, and decides to take her back to her cottage to tend to the ailed bird. Mai 2020 at 12:14. so leute es ist soweit am 13 juni kommt die premiere von pony life MLP: FiM A Bird in the Hoof (S1 E22) ... She talks to Fluttershy and explains she also enjoys caring for animals, introducing her bird Philamena who looks like she’s on death row. “A Bird in the Hoof”: Trollestia, Take Two Sunny Side Den. [1] Source Octavia by Pony-Way . Big Pauly 30. Watching "A Bird in the Hoof" with mixed expectations, am very happy to say that this is another case of being in complete agreement of opinion between trusted fans and me.

The ponies are in pursuit, but the bird turns into a pile of ash. It just sort of...exists. *Acts Like A Bird* Comeha 53 1 Future Appledash CloudyGlow 343 21 For Equestria CloudyGlow 503 34 Rarity nudging Applejack CloudyGlow 184 7 Applejack and Rainbow Dash hoof-bump CloudyGlow 229 7 Pinkie Pie hugging Twilight Sparkle CloudyGlow 241 5 Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. See * for disclaimer A Bird in the Hoof (April 8th 2011, 22 minutes) Summary: Fluttershy cannot help herself, she must nurse Celestias pet back to health, no matter what! This is "MLP FiM – Philomena the Phoenix “A Bird in the Hoof” HD" by zeb whitham on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the… This is my second least favorite episode of My Little Pony (only beaten by Putting Your Hoof Down). Celestia orders Philomena to quit playing around, and the bird turns into a phoenix.

I couldn't be bothered to listen to Celestia's rants. Twilight readies to force-feed Philomena the bird, but the bird escapes out the door. Read Bird in the Hoof from the story MLP References by atherodeogirl16 (TrueEQUESTRIAn) with 66 reads.

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