A statement of MDA and visibility, or DH and visibility, required for a straight-in landing on a specified runway, or ; Circling minimums. Two terms are specific to helicopters. Height above landing (HAL) means height above a designated helicopter landing area used for helicopter IAPs.

A statement of MDA and visibility required for the circle-to-land maneuver. Minimum Fuel [§91.167] — No person may operate a civil aircraft in IFR conditions unless it carries enough fuel (considering weather reports and forecasts and weather conditions) to (1) Complete the flight to the first airport of intended landing; (2) Except when an alternate is not required, fly from that airport to the alternate airport; and (3) Fly after that for 45 minutes at normal cruising speed or, for helicopters, … Unless specific authorization is received to reduce the visibility (as in the HUD example above), no it is not legal to land if the visibility is below minimums. This small airport was flooded with diverted aircraft ( 1970s) . To avoid one more Tenerife collision disaster. For airports that have LAHSO, the preflight planning process should include an assessment of which LAHSO combinations would be acceptable given their aircraft's required landing distance. Straight-in landing minimums.

Each approach procedure also lists minimum altitudes that you may fly to at various points during the approach. All were in hurry to take off when visibility improved. Note: Descent below the MDA or DH must meet the conditions stated in 14 CFR Section 91.175. Good pilot decision making is knowing in advance …

Although one mile forward visibility is usually a standard landing minimum requirement there are many factors that contribute to landing/take off minimums, including aircraft performance, operator certification and obstacle clearance. “Point in space approach” refers to a helicopter IAP to a MAP more than … made in establishing the basic VFR weather minimums is that aircraft flying at lower altitudes (i.e., below 10,000 MSL) and/or in airspace with radar approach control and/or an operating control tower (i.e., Class B, C, and D airspace) will be moving more slowly, or that they will be under positive control. he has to divert or wait in the air until the visibilty raises above his 2km minima. One PANAM 747 was taxying, cutting across a runway. the visibility value raises to 1.8 km operations may be commenced, but the above stated captain is not allowed to land here, because the value is still below his personal minima - he is not trained in such bad conditions. For VFR operations 1000 feet/3 miles is the technical legal minimum visibility requirement. Domestic airports with LAHSO will have a note in the "Airport Remarks" section of the A/FD stating "See SPECIAL NOTICE-Land and Hold Short Operations." The required visibility minimum may be reduced to one-half the published visibility minimum for category A aircraft, but in no case may it be reduced to less than ¼ mile or 1,200 feet RVR.

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