Do All States Require Both Front and Rear License Plates? Although most states have very … In many cases, the 1977 plates are worn and illegible; legally per M.G.L.

Massachusetts law states that all public highway vehicles must be fitted with working turn signals.

Drivers must follow the placement laws of the state where the vehicle is registered. License Plate.

Can You Carry Passengers On A Limited Use Vehicle In Massachusetts? No. All vanity plate registrations expire on November 30, and all motorcycle and commercial registrations expire on December 31. License plate frames can be a fun and creative way to decorate or customize your vehicle. Submitted by HAMtags on Tue, 2014-07-01 16:42 Florida, unlike Massachusetts does not have front license plates. Vehicles such as motorcycles and trailers only need a … But if you’re one of the estimated 900,000 drivers who still have one of the old green Massachusetts license plates, you are not required to carry a front plate. The United States have been requiring license plates to identify vehicles for over a century now, but not all are front license plate states. Chapter 90, a car with an illegible plate (regardless of age or color) must fail the state's annually required vehicle safety inspection. We are often asked if novelty license plate frames or license plate covers are legal in certain states. Driving without license plates attracts suspicion from law enforcement officials and can result in a traffic ticket as well. The following information is from the Massachusetts RMV website: Regulations require that all letters, numbers, stickers, and symbols must be clearly visible on the number plate. There are 30 states plus Washington D.C. that require a front license plate. More states are requiring vehicles to have license plates on the front and rear of their vehicle for easier identification and to ease the use of red light traffic cameras. She saw that there were license plates to support law officers in other states but that they were not available in Massachusetts so she set out to make that happen.

States that don't require a front plate. Really, it’s a great idea — and since license plates are primarily for law enforcement purposes, it’s one every state should implement. All MA motor vehicles must have license plates issued by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV). Seriously though, the more cerebral debaters stick to the nuts and bolts of the matter (You’ll need twice as many nuts and bolts in my state). HOW IT LOOKS. The program works without toll booths on the Mass Turnpike (I-90), Tobin Memorial Bridge, and the Sumner, Callahan, and Ted Williams Tunnels.

Either way, we help break down which states, including Texas, California and Massachusetts, require the oft-dreaded front license plate and how people try to get around it.

It includes E-ZPass MA and Pay By Plate MA. Massachusetts' all electronic tolling program. It includes E-ZPass MA and Pay By Plate MA. LUVs must be fitted with a special plate which displays that the vehicle can not surpass 40mph.

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