The blasphemy allegation was only a bait to frame him in a quick and easy murder. Iqbal kaka served culture and literature all his life and molded Mashal in his mold to dream big for his people and for his land. On the flipside, there could also be a theory that fake accounts were deliberately made to conduct blasphemy by the accused.

His mother survived all poverty, so, that her son can one day make them proud. And that’s what the thinking of the society did to him. I want to hug Iqbal kaka and thank him for his vision and for giving us, Mashal Khan. Mardan police on Thursday arrested another suspect in the April 2017 murder of Mashal Khan, bringing the total number of arrests tied to the horrific lynching of the Mardan university student to 58. Mashal Khan was a 23-year-old mass communications student at Mardan 's Abdul Wali Khan University who was beaten and shot to death by a mob on April 13, 2017, after being accused of blasphemy.Earlier, at least 61 people suspected to be involved in the lynching were charged in the first information report. Speculations claim that Mashal Khan was dragged in the accusation in a planned murder.

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