A good side quest, however, can flesh out a world by expanding upon themes, arc, and relationships that make the overall experience all the more cohesive. Buried Treasure, aka Ikana Graveyard, is a side quest in Majora's Mask that takes place over three days. Paper Toilet: Mysterious arm in the toilet needs paper in Stock Pot Inn (East Clock Town) after midnight on days 1 and 2.
Note: You should be about to the 4th Boss Mask of the game to start this. There are a number of changes in Majora's Mask 3D - here are a few of the big ones that affect side quests and general play. by Stephanie Tang If you can't find what you're looking for here or want to check out more Majora's Mask 3D walkthroughs, common fixes, and tips, take a look at the Master List . Spooky Mask. By completing the necessary trades, Link will gain the Noble Sword. From a story perspective, it’s nice to see the entire quest play out, including some of the challenges that each character is going through within their life. I'm trying to do some of the side-quests in Clocktown, but I don't know where to begin. This guide will cover all of the events, specifying which ones are optional and which ones are required. The Skull Kid will ask if he can have the mask and give Link 10 rupees. 10. leave a comment » Side Quests. Majoras Mask 3D - Kurztipps: Lotterie, Unendlicher Dekuflug, Belohnungen vertauscht, Nahezu unendlich Rubine in kürzester Zeit, Eine Mission in Sachen Liebe. Many of the events of the Anju & Kafei Quest are completely optional. Link can now borrow the next mask, the Spooky Mask. It’s given the exact same amount of polish as the main game which leads to an ultimately more fulfilling playthrough. Archived . Let's start from the First Day. Overwhelmed by Majora's Mask side-quests. Majora’s Mask Side Quests. From start to finish, this is the walkthrough for you! Here are the masks you can get: Deku Mask Great Fairy Mask Blast mask Bremen Mask Kamaro's Mask Bunny Hood Kafei's Mask Keaton Mask Postman's Hat These involve: The Anju and Kafei Side quest Protecting Romani Ranch Side quests The Gilded Sword Side quest The Ikana Graveyard Side quests Stray Fairy Locations Overwhelmed by Majora's Mask side-quests. Posted by u/[deleted] 8 years ago. You can't really do anything with this mask this early, but you can get Keaton Mask and Mailman's Hat on the third day if you follow the procedures correctly. The Quest for the Noble Sword is an optional side quest.

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons Quest for the Noble Sword . The text will mention it is an unfair deal, as the mask costs 20, and Link will have to pay the difference back to the Happy Mask Salesman out of his own pocket.

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