Shii Cho is the first form taught to the younglings, and focuses on stances,

The 7 Lightsaber Forms Form I – Shii-Cho: The Way of the Sarlacc. Unlike Shii-Cho, this style is good for one-on-one combat. In general, all lightsaber fighting styles will partially overlap with another form. The New Je'daii Order's Lightsaber combat training book. Learning to spar with two lightsabers, a fighting style that is known as Jar'Kai. [Source] He is a fencer.

Combining Lightsaber Fighting Styles. The Way of the Ysalamiri, also known as The Contention Form, is the 2 nd of the seven forms. Use these lightsaber combat tips today and start wielding two lightsabers like a pro! Form II (Makashi) Taking a step back in Star Wars history, this dueling form was generated when Jedi’s and Darksiders engaged in combat frequently. May 12, 2020 - Explore JettaRosewater's board "lightsaber/lightsaber forms", followed by 250 people on Pinterest. Users of this form could defend themselves without ending up drenched in sweat, while preventing being disarmed. This dual wielding lightsaber style can be a highly rewarding experience for Star Wars fans who wish to expand their combat knowledge. Focusing on and anticipating the … Some people use it to defend their selves from incoming blaster bolts or other lightsabers.
2. Form VI, also known as Niman, the Way of the Rancor, the Moderation Form, and the diplomat's form, was the sixth form of the seven forms of lightsaber combat.This fighting style was a hybrid martial art created by effectively combining elements of the preceding lightsaber forms into a single, generalized form. Specially developed for lightsaber-to-lightsaber combat with the focus on precise sweeping moves and strikes. Other chose to use it to strike down their enemies with quick and presise blows. This combat form was developed during the transitional period within the Jedi Order from ancient metal swords to more contemporary lightsabers. When lightsaber technology was developed to the point where they became a viable weapon, becoming the standard weapon of the Jedi Order by 7000 BBY, a combat form that accounted for the abilities and weaknesses of the weapon was required. Form I Lightsaber Combat SHII-CHO Pronunciation - Sh-eye Cho Shii Cho is the most basic form of lightsaber combat, and as such is a good form to use if other forms fail to defeat an opponent. —Qui-Gon Jinn's spirit to Yoda on Count Dooku, Yoda: Dark Rendezvous Form II: Makashi, also known as The Way of the Ysalamiri, or The Contention Form, was the second form of the seven forms of lightsaber combat. Take this quiz! Each lightsaber combat form has its own distinct look but many times, several forms of procedure will be used in a given duel or fight. Since a lot of us don’t know what lightsaber combat really is, it’s best to start with the basics. An early demonstration of lightsaber combat during the Hundred-Year Darkness.. These questions below will help you understand what Lightsaber form you best suit you in a battle. Form II – Makashi. Leverage, position, advantage—they are as natural to him as breathing. Lightsabers are the favoured weapon of a Jedi and Sith. Shii-Cho is the first fighting style that every youngling should learn. Lightsaber Forms in Star Wars Though not discussed in the films, lightsaber combat derives from several schools of fighting that can be broken into various "forms." Form I, also known as Shii-Cho, The Way of the Sarlacc, or The Determination Form, was the first of the seven forms of lightsaber combat.

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