can be simply answered with 'Everything!' See also: First names by country of origin Last Names by Origin Often it was a name given to one who lived in or near a "laye," a Middle English term meaning "clearing in the woods." locational, patronymic, occupational etc. The country or countries of origin, with the approximate period of history from when the "word" might have first been used descriptively, before becoming a surname, The original meaning and translation of the surname, its descriptive group, i.e. 'What is the meaning of my last name?'
Begin learning more about yourself and your heritage. This category has the following 3 … Do you have an Indian last name? British surnames, British last names and British surname meanings … Enter your last name to find its meaning and origin. Enter your last name in the search box above to find out more information about your family name, including a description with the surname's origin and history, profiles, documents, projects and discussions.
or 'What is in a name?' Lee is a surname with many possible meanings and origins. This category will also include Yiddish-language surnames, where the surname has its origins in German. A comprehensive guide to the origins, meanings, etymologies and distribution of thousands of British surnames. Depending on the culture, all members of a family unit may have identical surnames or there may be … Subcategories. Last name meanings as explained by the Kabalarian Philosophy will give you a whole new insight into the powerful influence your last name has through the Mathematical Principle. We have thousands of names from cultures around the world. Your last name can give you clues into who you are and where you came from. How to use surname in a sentence. Find out the meaning and history behind your last name. A surname, family name, or last name is the portion (in some cultures) of a personal name that indicates a person's family (or tribe or community, depending on the culture). Geni's users have created 200 million profiles with 12 million surnames.

Surnames of German language origin.. You're bound to find the origin of your last name here! This site will help you to understand the powerful forces that shape your life through your name. 22 Find out where in the world your surname originated, what it originally meant and how many other people you share it with. Surname definition is - an added name derived from occupation or other circumstance : nickname.

Maybe a Jewish last name?

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