Jahandar Shah Jahandar Shah; 8th Mughal Emperor of India: Reign: 27 February 1712 - 11 February, 1713 (0 years, 350 days)Coronation: 29 March 1712 at Lahore: Predecessor When Azimushan was dead, Abdus Samad Khan carried his dead-body and threw it in front of Jahandar Shah. Jahandar Shah was appointed as Vizier of Balkh in 1671 by his grandfather, Aurangzeb. Muazzam Bahadur Shah (1643-1712) or Bahĝdur Shĝh; (the word Bahĝdur means "brave"), also known as Shah Alam I was the Mughal emperor of India from 1707 to 1712. Azim-us-Shan was killed on 17 March 1712 and Jahandar Shah was able to rule for a further eleven months.

Mughal Emperor Jahandar Shah's (1712-1713) father was Shah Alam Bahadur Shah, also known as Bahadur Shah I, son of Aurangzeb. Jahangir had five sons namely Khusrau, Parveiz, Khurram, Jahandar and Shahryar. Shah Alam II was born to Alamgir II, son of the deposed Mughal Emperor Jahandar Shah, on 25 June 1728. Jahandar Shah was the son of Bahadur Shah I and ruled for a very brief period. Jahandar Shah (1712-13): Bahadur Shah died on February 27, 1712 at Lahore where all his four sons Muiz-ud-din Jahandar Shah, Azim-ush-shan, Rafi-ush-Shan and Jahan Shah were present. The first royal casualty of this battle was prince Azimushan (father of Farukhsiyar) who was killed by Abdus Samad Khan (father of Zakaria Khan, later the Governor of Lahore). Managed by: Private User Last Updated: March 3, 2015 Jahandar Shah faced trouble from Muhammad Farrukhsiyar, grandson of Bahadur Shah, and the second son of Azim-ush-Shan. Jahandar Shah : After the death of Bhadur Shah I of of his son Jahandar Shah crown himslef as king with the support of powerful nobel Zulfiquar Khan, Jahandar shah was a fool, idiot and uncivil king, he was wholly devoted to sex & pleasure and the administration … Jahandar Shah was the son of King Bahadur Shah-I, he was born on 10th May 1664. Jahandar Shah was the son of Bahadur Shah I and ruled for a very brief period.

Today we discussed about some important phases of Jahandar shah's Reign as a mughal empire 1)His reign 2)Relation with nephew and father 3)Execution 4)Criticism from … In the year 1707, his grandfather Bahadur Shah I had defeated and eliminated his own brother Muhammad Azam Shah on 19 June 1707 at the Battle of Jajau, during another war of succession that followed after the death of his aged grandfather Bahadur Shah I his father was killed, and the 12-year-old prince and his mother were imprisoned by his uncle Jahandar Shah but spared from death. On ascending the throne, he took the title of Alamgir and tried to follow the approach of Aurangzeb Alamgir .

Jahandar vs Azim. Jahandar Shah faced many problems from Farrukhsiyar, grandson of Bahadur Shah, and the second son of Azim Ush Shan. The Decline Of Mughal Empire is topic from the history of modern India by bipin Chandra, this topic is first ever topic that comes when we start reading about the history of Modern India. Upon the death of their father on 27 February 1712, he and his brother Azim-ush-Shan both declared themselves emperor and conducted a struggle for the succession.

When Aurangzeb,the de facto last representative of the mighty Mughal Empire, at the age of 90 died in March 1707, a war of succession to the throne began between his sons-Muazzam, who was also known as Shah Alam, the eldest one, Muhammad Azam and Kam Bakhsh.. Jahandar Shah faced many problems from Farrukhsiyar, grandson of Bahadur Shah, and the second son of Azim Ush Shan. After the death of his father, Jahandar Shah and his brother Azim-Us-Shan both announce them as the King of the empire.

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