Christian Standard Bible Let me go through all your sheep today and remove every sheep that is speckled or spotted, every dark-colored sheep among the lambs, and the spotted and speckled among the female goats. Jacob went to Paddan-aram a poor man, but he left with a large family and great wealth. As Jacob said: "My righteousness will answer for me." Answer: In Genesis 30 Laban asked Jacob to “name his wages,” and Jacob said, “Let me go through all your flocks today and remove from them every speckled or spotted sheep, every dark-colored lamb and every spotted or speckled goat. Laban promises Jacob every speckled and spotted sheep and goat, and every black lamb as a reward for his labour. Jacob eventually took his spotted and speckled animals back to Israel; and because of their rarity, the sheep became known as Jacob’s sheep. According to the Book of Genesis , Jacob took every speckled and spotted sheep from his father-in-law’s (Laban’s) flock and bred them. The Moors traded them to Spain, and then to England. Contemporary English Version Let me go through your flocks and herds and take the sheep and goats that are either spotted or speckled and the black lambs. Jacob therefore asked that only the sheep and goats with abnormal colors or markings be given to him —all the sheep dark brown in color and all the goats with any white marks. Central Region Open Day has now been postponed – More details here. Joseph was sent to Egypt a virtual slave; but when the nation emerged at the exodus, they … Jacob was a master shepherd, and had probably observed animal husbandry in nature. Among the many accounts of ancient breeds of piebald sheep is the story of Jacob from the first book of the Hebrew Bible, called by Christians the Old Testament. “Rav Vaknin stated that the sheep have a special blessing on them from Jacob in the Bible,” Gil told Breaking Israel News. The precious flock of 119 Jacob’s Sheep, a rare breed experts believe originated in Israel, finally returned in November after a journey of 2,000 years. 5 Henry, M. Commenary on the Whole Bible, Peabody Massachusetts: Hendrickson (1991) A Mendelian Interpretation of Jacob’s Sheep Science & Christian Belief, Vol 13, No.

These actions only aided Jacob in selecting which sheep would breed at what time. Question: "Did Jacob placing branches in front of his flock really result in the offspring being speckled and spotted?" The production of colored sheep was God's response to Jacob's righteousness. Jacob did manipulate the results by separating the flocks and mating the strongest animals but the question is, what role did the sticks play in all of this? Such will be my wages. Thus, he readily agrees to give Jacob these animals in exchange for more service (30:29–34). The Bible tells us that the same day Laban agreed to give Jacob all spotted goats and dark-colored sheep, he violates the agreement by removing to a safe distance, the animals promised to Jacob (he gives the animals to his sons).

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