From here we move onto the rise of modern Creationism and Intelligent Design, charting it’s progression from the early 1980s to the more recent strategy of proposing the concept of … Think carefully before you answer. For instance, what master designer would make it so that just about every zebra, impala and gazelle eventually get strangled to death by lions, leopards and cheetahs? The bones are hollow to provide strength and light weight. We know from our own experience that such things as books and art only come from one source, a mind.
Like Alan Mann, a physical anthropologist at Princeton University, says, “Evolution doesn’t produce perfection.

What is intelligent design?

Take birds, for example. The evolutionary process is a far better explanation for all the things that go wrong in nature than is intelligent design.

That's an oxymoron if I ever heard one. Human Flaws Demonstrate Evolution, Not Intelligent Design. Why the Intelligent Design ``Theory'' is Bullshit So we see that the Ontological argument for the existence of God is nonsense, a fact that you doubtless intuitively appreciated on your way to the fridge for a cold one (or possibly a banana), trying to get the buzzing about greatness and existence out of your ears. Intelligent design is purely subjective, relying on the faith of the individual. by Mark Jabo | May 31, 2008; By contributing writer Mark Jabo.

Rather, life is said to be jury-rigged, with abundant signs of the illogical developments one would expect if life evolved along random pathways without intervention from a designer. Or, the intentional design of something like Mt. Clearly, intelligent design advocates say, such a system could not have evolved gradually, by Darwinian means, since it is "irreducibly complex" and therefore must have been created in toto as a … There are many flaws in the human body. The argument from poor design does present a logical problem for intelligent design, but when examined further some of its claims are unsubstantiated. This is why insects have a completely different eye than ours. A 2014 biology textbook by Kenneth Mason, Jonathan Losos, and Susan Singer informs students, “an excellent example of imperfect design is the eye of vertebrate animals, in which … Intelligent design is an attempt to shove religion down people's throats and its proponents have the gaul to present it as science. Another label that intelligent design has used is that of "creation science."

Scientists were respected for their knowledge and dedication. Intelligent design follows no scientific method of any kind, the conclusions of which are arrived at by pure guess work.

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