They fail to grasp the concept of DO NOT Sometimes, a quick bar bout is unavoidable, and if you'd rather walk out of the joint with your dignity in tact follow these tips to win any fight. The Bleeding Edge - Win 100 knife fights. Win With The Best Tactical Knives The idea of trying to develop the world’s best tactical knives has been going on for ages. by Doughbelly Tue Jul 08 2003 at 7:54:34 I can't believe the amount of fundamentally bad advice that is being given in this node. A knife that’s light enough for anyone to carry and not extremely overbuilt but still be able to accomplish most of its task in the field. For some people, the How to Beat a Stronger Person in a Fight. Get You Killed In A Real Knife Fight Most people train “artsy” and get very fancy and dogmatic about how you should hold the knife. Your battle face doesn’t matter. Make the Cut - Win a knife fight. This question deserves a serious, non-judgmental answer. ∟ Q & A | Tutorials | old map variants | Discussions about new projects | and much more… Knife Expert - Kill 100 enemies with the Knife. Depends on what your knife button is, for my setup it is also R3. It never happens by ‘doing it a lot’, because with this approach you will simply die young. I have seen a bunch of these threads and most people want front knifing removed because they can't win the struggle. While you should never physically assault another person, you may find yourself in a situation where you must defeat someone that's stronger than you. See all of How to win a knife fight, there are 6 more in this node. By martial arts standards, it is extremely difficult to become good at knife fighting. It looks great in training and competitions, but in those situations they’re not really trying to KILL each other.

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