Cut evenly all the way around the bottom of the shirt to accomplish this. by. Or if you're working with two different pieces (having just sewn each piece separately), lay the top piece on the bottom piece, wrong sides facing out.

Then, cut your pants-skirt to that size, leaving 1" on each side for a seam allowance. 9 Tank top Cut out tee.

14 Cute DIYs To Make An Old Band T-Shirt Cool Again. Using a straightedge to guide, you will cut across the shirt from the underarms of … No sewing supplies are needed to make a tube top out of a T-shirt, but you do need a pair of sharp scissors, ideally fabric scissors. This is very important. At this point, we really could deck out our whole wardrobe with T-shirt themed stuff. Cut out the shape of a cross. I used the same process to turn this men’s polo shirt ($2 at a yard sale) into a skirt for myself, with just a few adjustments to the waistband because this shirt didn’t have long sleeves. You also need a ruler and something for marking the shirt, preferably a fabric pencil or disappearing fabric marker, but any washable marker will work. Show off your fandom. Here you use the shoulder seam as it is. **If you’re making skirts for a tiny baby girl and the width of the shirt is just too wide, a good general rule for a skirt width is 1.5 – 2 times the size of the waist. Do the same for the sides of the skirt where the zipper will go.

Just mark the shape of the shoulder straps and cut…

Turn your T-shirt into a cute halter top. How To Cut A T Shirt So It Goes From Shapeless Blob To Super Sexy, Feminine Top.

29. Make a cute, simple dress out of a long tee. I was originally planning to cut this polo down into a shirt for myself, but then I … As far as t-shirt size, 45″ around would be about a men’s/unisex XXL, which shouldn’t be too hard to find (I’m planning to go to Goodwill and look at plus-size shirts — I was shopping with a larger friend a few months ago, and saw all these gorgeous plus-size clothes that I wished came in my size… now I have a way to turn a plus-size t-shirt into something I could wear).

Convert a basic tee silhouette into this super cute halter top. 25.

3. Juan Naharro Gimenez/Getty Images …

Align the bottom/cut edge of the shirt with the gathered top edge of the skirt.

Determine how long you want the skirt to be and mark a cutting line with a ruler and pins. Cut your t-shirt into a crop top.

Aug. 4, 2014.

Turn an oversize shirt into a dress. We have T-shirts made several different ways, T-shirt shoelaces, T-shirt rings, T-shirt headbands, T-shirt bracelets, and necklaces. Here's how to make 'em look great. Fold the top of the skirt, pin and hem. This will be your new waistband. by Amy Rose Spiegel. so i started with this tutorial from " sew like my mom "...but quickly decided that 1) shirring is of the devil and 2) i wanted a less fuss i made my own tutorial for making a mens t-shirt into the worlds most comfortable skirt ever. Turn the skirt inside out.

My plan was to cut off the top of the dress, above the waistband. Every dress is made a little differently, so you will need to inspect it to see what your options are. If the skirt is bigger than you, take a skirt that fits you and lay it on top.

Here are workout and yoga friendly top you can make with a simple t-shirt cutting technique. Make a simple vented tee.

Cut off the sleeves to give it a more flattering shape and show off a fun bra top underneath. Tuck it into the top of the skirt. Make sure to smooth out any unwanted puckering and creasing in both layers, and to lay it flat and evenly aligned on your cutting mat. Convert a baggy T-shirt into a fitted tee without sewing. On to the skirt! How is it that all of your concert t-shirts are, like, XXXXXXL? Turn the shirt right side out. Simply cut off the bottom of a t-shirt to make it shorter if it is too long, or make it into a crop top length.

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