My father in law is going to give me the HARDEST time for this post. Hello ladies {and gents}, I just wanted to take a second to tell you how grateful I am for YOU as a reader of All Things Thrifty! If you want a darker color, you need to sand it down, pick a darker stain, and leave it on longer before wiping it off. Mix the powdered acid with water according to the instructions. It can actually be pretty simple! The tint of varnished wood can certainly be manipulated by a wiping stain. It's often used on exterior decking to remove the dark gray color.

It is possible to apply stain over varnish, as long as you aren't expecting results similar to those when staining untreated wood that drinks in the stain. 2. Clean and rough-up the varnish first to remove any grime, dust or debris and also to give the surface some texture the stain can cling to. If you've decided to darken your cabinets, lets go over the steps I suggest you follow. The color of the original stain and the tinted... Gel Stain. How to Darken the Color of Already Stained Furniture Tinted Polyurethane. In pictures, you probably can’t tell a huge difference, but in person you can.

5. He LOVES oak. Stripping the Old Finish. Stain typically needs to be able to soak into the wood to be able to stain it. Once you've lightened the wood, you may add a lighter color of stain. For the best results, follow these instructions: Stir PolyShades® thoroughly, using a clean stirring stick. 3. How to Restain Furniture Darker The Toning Option. As While I love dark trim, I am not committed yet to re-staining all of the trim in my house, so I’m using a stain that is just a few shades darker and warmer than the existing trim.

You can mix 2 or more stains together to make DIY custom stains. Using a high-quality, tapered natural bristle brush, dip only ½ to ¾ of an inch of the bristles into PolyShades®. Hand-wash brightly colored items separately or wash them in the washer with similar clothing. I decided to be a rebel and try something else, and guess what? Oxalic acid is a heavy-duty, somewhat toxic bleach that removes dark mineral stains that the other products can't touch. I used about half a quart of Varathane gel stain (by Rustoleum) in the color Dark Walnut. Staining over stain is easy and works beautifully if your applying a dark stain over a lighter stain on raw wood. I have had at least 25 conversations with Dark: This will be hard to ‘cover’ with a lighter semi-transparent color, as the old/dark color will come through.

If you try to apply a light color of stain over the top of an existing dark finish, you won't notice much difference. You have been on my mind lately. To completely alter the color of the finish, strip down the existing stain using a petroleum-based solvent. It worked! Miniwax stain seals the wood when you use it, preventing multiple coats of stain from being effective. Pick an inconspicuous spot to test your stains before applying to the entire surface. If the garment is labeled as dry clean only, wet a cotton swab and rub it across an inside seam or hem. He should marry it. Mix a can of gel stain in a color of your choice. When staining on top of the existing stain, choose the right type based on the current finish. There is no point in using multiple coats of stain, because only the first one will reliably penetrate into the wood. 4.

Warm stains work great to slightly warm up cooler toned stains. If you see color on the cotton swab, you'll have dye stain problems if you choose to wash the item.

Apply it to the wood and allow it …

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