It’s also been very active in the past, having had two major surges in the past 30 years.

The glacier advances at a rate of 80 feet per year.

The ice at the terminal face is approximately 450 years old and is over 2000 feet thick in some locations. Hubbard Glacier Alaska.

Hubbard Glacier: Cruise. Spectacular views of islands, rugged coastline, and ultimately the Hubbard Glacier make this a trip worth the extra effort. Hubbard Glacier is the largest tidewater glacier in North America.

The Hubbard Glacier is a tidewater glacier off the coast of Yakutat, Alaska in the Alaska panhandle 200 miles northwest of Juneau. Those surges were big enough to cross the bay, turning the fjord into a lake and threatening to flood … The Hubbard Glacier is one of Alaska’s best known glaciers—probably owing to the dramatic photos that capture its 10-km-wide and 150-m-high expanse. Look for both Marbled and Kittlitz’s Murrelet, with the glacier a particularly good area to look for the Kittlitz’s Murrelet. Leaving Icy Strait Point, we sailed over 200 miles north over night to reach Hubbard Glacier. The glacier is approximately 7 miles wide at its foot and 76 miles long. As the ship turns into the glacier's bay from about 8 miles out, start heading up to a front deck for a viewing spot. - See 658 traveler reviews, 1,105 candid photos, and great deals for Alaska, at Tripadvisor. Because the glacier can send huge waves rippling through the water, you often cannot get closer than two or three miles. Disenchantment Bay and Hubbard Glacier. You will need to contact a local charter boat company to access. Hubbard Glacier: No words! This tidewater glacier may be a bit of sleeping giant. I will be highlighting days 3 and 4 in this post, the days that we did our “Scenic Cruising”, first into Disenchantment Bay to see Hubbard Glacier and then the next day we traveled into Glacier Bay. Off the coast of Yakutat—200 miles NW of Juneau—Hubbard is certainly gigantic: it's more than six miles wide where it meets the ocean. However, though that distance may seem big, Hubbard Glacier still seems ginormous. When the ship is close, everyone comes out and there will be no rail space from which to view.

We saw many glaciers in our travels, but we stopped, looked, and listened to two wondrous glaciers on each day, Hubbard on the first day and Margerie on the second. To reach the glacier, you often have to hire someone to take you or go with a cruise, unless you want to canoe in freezing temperatures for days on end. Hubbard Glacier is about 200 miles north-west of Juneau and would take too long to reach. It is more than six miles wide where it flows into the bay! We were on a Royal Caribbean inside passage cruise and one of the "stops" is Hubbard Glacier (you stay on the ship).

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