Rattlesnakes will travel a mile from their den in order to find food, a basking spot, or a mate. I'm not too sure he will get me out there this summer. Yes---there are hills with a lot of rocks--and a lot of ground wholes--which I wasn't scared of until now! If their den remains undisturbed, these snakes will return to the same location for years. He puts things out to kill the rats--but we really need help!!! Find out what some of the best snake deterrents on the market are. Male rattlesnakes will travel farther than females to find a mate during their mating season.

Snakes typically seek out locations on high … A rattlesnake uses its den for protection, especially during its winter brumation. Rattlesnake Den Locations. As snakes are not capable of digging holes, it is common for rattlesnakes to make dens out of vacant rodent burrows. We have rattlesnakes out there.

Traps There are some snake traps on the market that you can easily get at the store and set up in your yard to remove snakes if you’re dealing with a large problem. After emerging in spring and summer, rattlesnakes will spend most of their time: Hunting; Mating; Basking in the sun. But rattlesnakes do not always stay inside their dens. I'm sure the den is right by the cabin somewhere--how do we fine it?

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