Another way to get a deeper latch. Breastfeeding Latch: Proper Positioning. If your baby is latched ‘shallowly’ he will be mostly sucking on the nipple, compressing it with every suck. If after working to get a deeper latch, you aren’t feeling better within a day or two, seek help from a board-certified lactation consultant. Baby goes on your breast off-center, taking in more of your areola (colored circle around your nipple) with his lower jaw than his upper jaw. Get a slow flow nipple in the start as the regular nipple might flood the baby’s mouth with milk. I'm getting really really sore and midwife thought it might be the problem but I can't seem to be able todo mmuch about it. An off-center latch matters less in gravity-assisted positions (shown below), than when you sit up to breastfeed. 5. If your latch is too shallow, it will feel painful for you, and baby won't get the milk that they need to stay full and happy. I just love those tiny hands coming in the way of breastfeeding. A better latch means that your baby will get more supply of milk, leading to better weight gain. When your baby is opening his mouth in order to latch, you can gently press on his chin in order to encourage him to open wider. However, if this simple method does not get you the comfortable latch you are looking for, you can get a bit more technical and manage baby and nipple to get that deep, comfortable, efficient latch. Using skin-to-skin, place your baby on your chest and allow your baby to self-attach. Comments from original poster (3) Comments from original poster (3) Load more . If you have any issue with your milk supply, your baby getting a deep latch can stabilise both the demand and supply of milk due to more of it getting empty every day. Tilting the bottle up only slightly (again, so baby has to work for the milk) can also help baby adjust to the slower flow of a breast-dispensed meal. If your baby is latched ‘shallowly’ he will be mostly sucking on the nipple, compressing it with every suck. Gently touch your nipple to baby’s mouth to trigger the response. Even if your baby has a bad latch, there are some latch tricks and positions you can try to try to get your baby to latch better. Is there any way I can get my baby to take more of my boob into his mouth? I t can take a bit of practice to get a comfortable latch when you are learning how to breastfeed.. Why latch matters. Breastfeeding Latch Trick The position in which you hold your baby is also crucial. It can also prevent damaged and sore nipples. Issues with latch are some of the most common reasons moms feel pain and babies get fussy while nursing. Luckily, getting baby to latch on deeper and to open their mouth wider can be done with a few simple techniques.

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