The following is a little information as to why we should have such items blessed. I was going to just throw it into the garbage however my Catholic girlfriend implored me not to, yet she had no alternative to offer me. Yes, you should have your rosary blessed by a priest, but you can still use it until you get it blessed.

- Billy Ryan, uCatholic.

What should I do with it? What should I do with all the stuff (rosaries, prayer cards, medals) that is sent to me by charities seeking donations? Throwing a “cursed” rosary should be the last thing you should do if you find out you have unfortunately been keeping one. Does a new rosary have to blessed by a priest, before it can be prayed with?

When we have a rosary, crucifix, palm branch, or other item blessed it becomes permanently sanctified for a sacred purpose. May 23, 2019 - How To Properly Dispose of Broken Rosaries and Other Blessed Items #rosary #holyrosary #catholic Stay safe and healthy. However, over time statues and rosaries may become broken from use, or palm may naturally degrade. I suggest to surrender them to your Priest’ said Diocese of Novaliches Office of Exorcism (Libera Nox) assistant case … Read More Read More This means you should not just throw it in the garbage when it breaks or has to be replaced. Among many things was an old *broken* rosary. I went into my attic for the first time today and found a box with a bunch of crap in it from the old owners. After a rosary has been broken, there is a way to dispose of the pieces to show respect to the rosary's religious past. What happens if the rosary CAN'T be blessed?
For instance, once when I was distributing Holy Communion at the nursing home, one of the elderly patients wanted to receive Holy Communion as usual but for some reason on this occasion could not swallow. So... What is the proper, respectful way to dispose of a broken rosary? I can't afford to send them all money, but I don't like to keep things I haven't paid for or to throw away sacramentals. How Do You Properly Dispose of Broken Rosaries and Other Blessed Items? If, for some reason, the priest had to dispose of a Sacred Host, he would completely dissolve the host in water and then rinse it down the sacrarium with water. Your rosary, if it has been blessed, is considered a sacramental item. “We do not advise you to throw them away because maybe someone else will. Is there a proper way to dispose of a rosary? Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. What is a Sacramental? My grandma gave me a rosary that came for free in the mail, and it came in a little pouch, so she didnt really get to look at it, but when I opened it and took the rosary out, it was broken into like 3 pieces! As we are called to show proper reverence for blessed objects, how do we properly dispose of them when damaged? Its not fixable, trust me...and my grandma said to just throw it out, but I dont feel that is right!!

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