A 2.5ft (approx. We keep the two from the same hatch (2 eggs laid at the same time) together. A big problem with housing uromastyx together is that they take few years to mature and you can’t tell their gender before that. Some breeders keep all of their geckos housed separately, only putting a breeding pair together for minutes at a time, just long enough for copulation to occur. I plan on creating a very natural habitat using sandstone and sand (between the …

One to three Leopard geckos can be housed together in an 13 ℓ / 3.5 gal (US) ADDIS™ (35 x 25 x 15 cm / 14 x 10 x 5.5 “) container. The floor space should increase with at least 25% for every Leopard gecko added after that. The reptile manager at the store said most leos from their breeder they get are females, and its less common to get a male. Juveniles (2-4 months of age) will take a bit more space and should be limited to 3/10 gallons of space.

Consider keeping up to 4 per 10 gallons of enclosure until they are juveniles. We keep the two from the same hatch (2 eggs laid at the same time) together. Baby leopard geckos can be kept together without an issue.

I have spent a little time putting together a single-page leopard gecko care sheet, which is an ideal print-out for people who are thinking of. It’s not uncommon for a leopard gecko to not only lose the fight, but frequently lose its tail as well. Baby leopard geckos can be kept together without an issue. Is it possible to house another gecko with her? Yes, they will. Important things to know before housing uromastyx together Tip 1: Think about gender suitability . The reason for that is because leopard geckos are solitary and territorial animals who tend to enjoy being alone, but in some cases, they have been known to work well with living with other leopard geckos. 30inch) vivarium or a 20-gallon tank should be adequate for an adult leopard gecko, but the more space you can give them the better, especially when housing multiple leopard geckos together.

October 18, 2018 leopardgecko.care. We re getting a new bigger tank (around 40gal) and I was thinking about breeding her, or getting another female. Thank you! Housing two leopard geckos together?

It seems that there are many opinions out in the herpetoculture world on housing leopard geckos together. “Pal pens™”or “Desert dens™” can also be used. Continue reading. Although a bigger space is better, don't make the enclosure so large that the geckos have trouble hunting down live food or you have difficulty keeping it clean. I have an 11 yr old female leopard gecko that I acquired when she was 7. Adult leopard geckos are quite lively and appreciate a large vivarium. Fighting between two males can result in injuries. House and leopard geckos can live together in smaller enclosures, with a 20-gallon tank suitable for a pair of leopard geckos and a 30-gallon tank suitable for a group of four to five house geckos. Housing And Environment. They can be territorial, and will very likely fight. But that was about 3-4 months ago.

I am just consented about her health if I breed her, and what would happen if I housed another female with her. Others house multiple female geckos together with a male for the entirety of their lives. This means that housing babies and juveniles is somewhat a mystery, as you don’t know the gender. Will leopard geckos kill each other? Housing leopard geckos together?

I have one leopard gecko, he is very healthy and friendly and when i bought him he was housed with another leo. A 10 gallon / 40 -50 ℓ glass tank / aquarium can also be used to house a few Leopard geckos. Will leopard geckos kill each other?

A basic set-up for Leopard Geckos would be: The vivarium. How often should you clean leopard geckos’ vivariums? Yes, they will.

A beginner’s guide to leopard gecko housing and setup August 15, 2018 leopardgecko.care Housing and Setup One comment Once set up, leopard geckos are relatively easy to care for, but you must get their home just right, because geckos have very specific needs which are different to mammals, and these needs cannot be met without the proper kit and equipment.

I am going out tomorrow, and buying 2 leopard geckos at my local petsmart.

So with that in mind, would there be any probs with housing and raising two baby female leopard geckos together in my 30g tank for life?

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