For more characters, head back to the character page, HERE>>> The Harvester … "[Character] is this" or "[Character] does this" is not context. All such entries have been commented out. HOW are they the trope? Harvester is a reaction to, and deconstruction of, the idea that video games promote violence, taking it to its furthest extreme in the idea that video games create serial killers. Because of the game's graphic nature, it was banned in Germany, heavily censored in the UK, and never released in Australia at all, as the distributor felt there would be no point as the game would just get banned anyway.

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The Baby of the Bunch: Each of the 15 Hematites were given a number based on the order in which they emerged, Tiny's being Number 15, making her the last and youngest Hematite in the batch.

; Everyone's Baby Sister: Tiny is the most childlike of the Hematites, and often acts like a hyper little sister. Please note that these interpretations of the Diamonds differ greatly from their Steven Universe counterparts. %% ZeroContextExample entries are not allowed on wiki pages. This page details the Diamonds of The Harvester.

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