Harvest Moon: Magical Melody - Notes List Email :alexis09l@hotmail.com Notes: 1.First Step note: when u get your pedometer for the first time.. For Harvest Moon: Magical Melody on the GameCube, GameFAQs has 16 FAQs (game guides and walkthroughs). The only things setting these two games apart is the use of the Wiimote in HM:HH(Wii), and the fact that in the Wii version you can not play as a girl.

The guide to "Magical Melody" is the main part and it`s very good. You get every help you need to enjoy the game.

Credits • Gallery • Cheats • Videos • Soundtrack. Although it is good for you to give them things they love, You dont NEED to. Harvest Moon: Magical Melody is a 2006 farm simulation game released for the Nintendo Gamecube, and developed by Marvelous Interactive. If you're looking for the UK Action Replay codes for Harvest Moon MM please follow the link to that guide instead.

If you think you can get by without this then you are reading the wrong walkthrough buddy.

Got a Harvest Moon: Magical Melody walkthrough, FAQ or Guide? It was later re-released for the Wii. Use the submission … Magical Melody really is a magical ride. In Harvest Moon: Magical Melody, each bachelor and bachelorette can be paired off to what is considered as the protagonist' rival.. Each rival couple has one heart event between them, but they will never marry. You must have 4 hearts only with your rival (the person of same gender), and the opposite marriage candidate must have less than 4 hearts. Walkthrough - Harvest Moon: Magical Melody Charecter List Walkthrough for Harvest Moon: Magical Melody WII: All the Charecters in Harvest Moon Magical Melody are very different, And like different things. Give the one you want to marry things they love. Harvest Moon: Magical Melody (牧場物語 しあわせの詩 for ワールド, Bokujō Monogatari: Shiawase no Uta for Wārudo, lit.Ranch Story: Song of Happiness for World) was the third Harvest Moon game to be released for GameCube, but it was released in the PAL regions as a Wii game after the GameCube version was cancelled for unknown reason. But the guide to "Harvest Moon … Harvest Moon: Magical Melody (Wii) [] Magical Melody (Wii) is nearly the exact same as the Gamecube version.

Harvest Moon: Magical Melody (JP:) is a farming simulation game, part of the Harvest Moon franchise and was released for the Nintendo GameCube and the Wii.While the GameCube version was released exclusively in Japan and North America, the Wii version was not released in Japan.

Harvest Moon Magical Melody is one of the Gamecube's few HM games and I would argue it's the best one on the platform and maybe even best in the whole series! . Check back for more Harvest Moon: Magical Melody cheats to be posted. Blue & Ann - Rival Event. This footage is free for anybody to use. Harvest Moon: Magical Melody is a 2006 farm simulation game released for the Nintendo Gamecube, and developed by Marvelous Interactive. Welcome to our collection of Harvest Moon: Magical Melody, cheats, cheat codes, wallpapers and more for GC .Visit our dedicated Harvest Moon: Magical Melody message board to discuss this game with other members. Harvest Moon: Magical Melody Playthrough Play all A playthrough of HM:MM up until saving the Harvest Goddess (beating the base game). The section I have for Harvest Moon Magical Melody should answer a lot of the early questions you have with the game.

Harvest Moon: Magical Melody - Shipping Price List alexis09l@hotmail.com ===== Harvest moon: magical melody ===== I wrote this so ya can know the prices of the things you shipped! It was later re-released for the Wii. Dragon Quest 9 Walkthroughs This page contains all of the US Action Replay Codes that I could find for Harvest Moon Magical Melody. Or the ones you get notes from. There are guides for both games in this book. I bought this strategy guide because I have "Magical Melody" for Gamecube and "Harvest Moon DS".

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