Alabama is a state with many kinds of natural communities from forested mountains to wetlands and coastal beaches, dunes and swales of coastal scrub. Skinks typically seek out environments protected from the elements, such as thick foliage, underneath man-made structures, and ground-level buildings such as garages and first-floor apartments. Indo-Pacific Gecko. Habits: Southeastern five-lined skinks may be found on the ground or in trees, but are generally less arboreal (tree dwelling) than broadhead skinks. There is a … Skinks are considered to be territorial and often are seen standing in front of or "guarding" their nest area. Alabama is a state with many kinds of natural communities from forested mountains to wetlands and coastal beaches, dunes and swales of coastal scrub. Southeastern five-lined skink tends to have a narrower mid-dorsal stripe than the five-lined skink (Mount 1975). The North American skinks (north of Mexico) previously placed in the genus Eumeces are now restricted to the genus Plestiodon (Brandley et al. Although sometimes seen in the open, these lizards are most often found beneath logs or under tree bark. What is a skink, what does it look like, what do skinks eat, do they bite, are they poisonus, are they nocturnal, facts, and pictures Broad-headed Skink The broad-headed skink (Plestiodon laticeps) is the largest lizard of the family Scincidae (skinks) found in Alabama and the second largest lizard native to the southeastern United States.

dorsal view. Scincella lateralis is a small species of skink found throughout much of the eastern half of the United States , and into northern Mexico.

The most common forest type in Alabama is loblolly pine-shortleaf pine (37%) followed by oak-hickory (32%). Like the Turkish House Gecko, the Indo-Pacific Gecko typically hunts at night, and they like to stay close to homes and structures. Because of the skinks' prevalence in natural habitats, suburban residential areas, and even green areas within cities, many people are likely to encounter one type of skink or another in most parts of the country. The Ground Skink looks like a bronzy black snake with legs. They range from golden brown to almost black in coloration but are most often coppery brown with a darker stripe running along each side of the body. Ground Skink-Ground skinks are small, slender lizards with long tails and short legs. Evolution 64 (2): 409-428 - get paper here Jeffrey D. Camper 2019. Cleveland County, Oklahoma. Common names. Differs from the ground skinkin being larger and having light stripes or traces of light markings on the upper lips; from themole skink in being larger, having proportionately larger legs, … These neat looking lizards can be found in a wide variety of environments. Forest Almost 70% of Alabama is covered in forest (almost 23 million acres). More than 3/4 of the forest is owned privately. Additionally, the dorso-lateral stripes of the southeastern five-lined skink cover the fifth (or fourth and fifth) scale rows, counting from the mid-dorsal row, but in the other two species the dorsolateral stripe is on the third and fourth (or fourth) scale rows (Barbour 1971; Martoff et al. Common names for this species include the little brown skink and the ground skink. When two or more skinks are seen in a small area, it is typical to find a nest nearby. However, the common name, ground skink, may refer to any species in the genus Scincella. 2005, Systematic Biology 54:373-390). If a nest is nearby, one … Diet: Isopods, spiders and all kinds of insects . Plestiodon fasciatus When pursued, these lizards generally run for the nearest tree or log and can be quite difficult to capture. The little brown skink is … Texas, Alabama, and Florida each are home to half a dozen or more. 1980).

… The Blue-tailed Skink, also known as the ‘Shinning-skink’ or the ‘Christmas Island Blue-tailed’, is a species of skink that is indigenous to the Christmas Island of Australia.Historical data have revealed that, these humble, non-poisonous reptiles were once feral and widespread throughout the island. At least one or more kind of skink is native to 47 states. Description. It is common in woodlands throughout the state, but has been reported in suburban and even very urban environments, where its semi-arboreal nature makes it one of Alabama's more frequently …

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