At night the grasshopper mouse is king but the rising sun brings new dangers. Onychomys leucogaster, the Northern grasshopper mouse, can be found from southwestern Canada throughout the western United States into northwestern Mexico.Its distribution ranges from the Pacific coast to western Minnesota and Iowa. The venomous mandibles of a centipede are no match for the lightning-fast reflexes of the grasshopper mouse. Grasshopper mice are agile little predators which regularly take on prey as large, if not larger, than themselves. Biogeographic Regions; nearctic While deer mice are opportunistic predators, grasshopper mice are obligate carnivores, a difference apparent in the behavior, morphology, and physiology of the two genera of mice.

These insects prefer habitats such as grasslands, jungles and forests, where they live and feed amidst grasses and small plants. Grasshoppers are found all over the world except for Antarctica. The mouse’s ‘howl’ is pitched between 9-14kHz and when played back at a slower speed it sounds like a wolf howling. Geographic Range. The enemies of a grasshopper depend on where the grasshopper is located.

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