The Phasmatodea (also known as Phasmida or Phasmatoptera) are an order of insects whose members are variously known as stick insects, stick-bugs, walking sticks, or bug sticks.

Photo about The giant leaf insect, Phyllium gigantea, is an cryptic leaf eating insect from the tropic rainforest of South East Asia. Giant Leaf Insect Native to Malaysia, the giant leaf insect (Phyllium giganteum) appears to be a tattered leaf that has fallen from a plant, complete with browning edges, a distinct central vein and ragged brown areas that make it appear as if something has taken a bite out of it. The Giant Leaf Insect is a large species of leaf insect with the scientific name Phyllium giganteum. The hefty Leaf-footed Bug has a wide, prominent carapace (shoulder region) that somewhat resembles armor. Spiny leaf stick insects are herbivores. Australia is the native home of the spiny leaf stick insect. $20.00. Phyllium giganteum is referred to as PSG 72. (Josh Cassidy/KQED) "If these insects are caught in a breeze, they'll even sway back and forth along with the surrounding foliage to enhance their disguise," Lee said. ... Their scientific name is Extatosoma Tiaratum, and they are also known as Macleay's Spectre and Giant Prickly Stick Insect, although they are not actually a true leaf insect, but part of the stick insect family, and are native to some parts of Australia. Phyllium giganteum is one of the largest species of leaf insects that is kept as a pet. Leaf insects feed on plants and typically inhabit densely vegetated areas. Free shipping on many items ... ONE REAL INSECT LEAF HOPPER CEROGENES AURICOMA FULGORID UNMOUNTED WINGS CLOSED.

Many a time, the insect may be seen nibbling on a leaf which may actually turn out to be another leaf infect. Their preferred browse item is eucalyptus.

Stick insect species, often called walking sticks, range in size from the tiny, half-inch-long Timema cristinae of North America, to the formidable 13-inch-long Phobaeticus kirbyi of Borneo. Leaf insect, (family Phylliidae), any of more than 50 species of flat, usually green insects (order Phasmida, or Phasmatodea) that are known for their striking leaflike appearance. The Giant Prickly Stick Insect is one of the most impressive stick insects of all. This giant stick insect is so rare only three females have ever been found in the wild. The males of this large, plant-eating family have unusually thick thighs, often edged with spikes. Top Rated Plus. Phasmids in the family Phylliidae are called leaf insects, leaf-bugs, walking leaves, or bug leaves.

Growing up to 15cm (6”) or so in length they’re therefore not only long, but also bulky and heavy insects to boot. But giant leaf insects don’t start off looking like fresh green leaves.

The leaf insect (Phyllium philippinicus) is a species of stick insect that is usually a bright, vibrant green in colouration and looks just like a leaf!

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