France gdp growth rate for 2015 was 1.11%, a 0.16% increase from 2014. GDP at purchaser's prices is the sum of gross value added by all resident producers in the economy plus any product taxes and minus any subsidies not included in the value of the products. 1.5% growth 2018 ; Economic Growth (GDP, annual variation in %) 1.0 : 1.0 : 1.0 : 2.4 : 1.7 : Sample Report.

This rate is 5 -tenths of one percent less than the figure of 2.3% published in 2017. 1.4% 5-year compound annual growth $3.0 trillion Note: Annual variation of gross domestic product (GDP) in %. France (red), DAC Countries (black) Total official and private flows Indicator. 2.1% FDI Inflow:

Au total, sur la période 2008-2013, le PIB ne croît que de 0,3 % par an en moyenne.

2018. Since 2008, and despite the beginning of the financial and economic crisis, France’s GDP has increased gradually. France GDP | 1960-2019 Data | 2020-2022 Forecast | Historical | Chart | News.

Total. $37.3 billion The French government forecasts GDP growth of 1.6 percent this year and 1.7 percent in 2018, France's new Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said in an interview published on Tuesday. France - Gross domestic product in constant prices growth rate 1.7 (%) in 2018 In 2018, real GDP growth for France was 1.7 %. Gross Domestic Product of France grew 1.8% in 2018 compared to last year.

The GDP value of France represents 2.39 percent of the world economy. The GDP per Capita in France is equivalent to 346 percent of the world's average.

5 years of economic forecasts for more than 30 economic indicators.

France Million US dollars. It is calculated without making deductions for depreciation of fabricated assets or for depletion and degradation of natural resources. This rate is 5 -tenths of one percent less than the figure of 2.3% published in 2017. Source: National Institute of Statistics and FocusEconomics calculations.

France GDP Chart. France has a quarterly GDP per capita, of €8,608 $8,608, less than the same period last … En 2018, l’activité décélère nettement en France : le produit intérieur brut (PIB) en euros constants s’accroît de 1,7 %, après + 2,3 % en 2017 et + 1,1 % en 2016.

France gdp growth rate for 2016 was 1.10%, a 0.02% decline from 2015. Producers of European statistics in France; The legal basis of European statistical governance; The framework regulations and sectoral regulations ; L’Institut national de la statistique et des études économiques collecte, produit, analyse et diffuse des informations sur l’économie et la société françaises 67,06 M Population + 0,2 % Inflation. 9.2% Inflation (CPI): France gdp growth rate for 2017 was 2.26%, a 1.16% increase from 2016.

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