Snakes - Photo I.D.

This simplified key is an aid to the identification of the snakes of Florida for use by laymen with no technical training in herpetology. Florida has a rich diversity of snakes and other reptiles which play an interesting and vital role in Florida's complex ecology. To use it you only have to observe the color and characteristics of the scales on the back and on the belly of the snake. Of the 45 species of snakes in Florida, only 6 are venomous. Although there are 50 species of snakes in the Sunshine State, there are only six that are venomous to humans.

Even the venomous species are not particularly dangerous unless stepped on or otherwise provoked. Snakes: Photo ID gallery. You can use powdered sulfur to get rid of snakes from your surroundings. Believe it or not, snakes are just as frightened of you as you are of them, and in most instances, they will move as quickly as possible in the other direction when they come into contact with you.

It is a good idea, however, to learn how to identify the snakes that can cause harm. It will not repel the snake but irritate their skin as they pass through a line of sulfur. It acts as a deterrent not allowing them to slither around your home or in your backyard. Florida is home to over fifty species of snakes, but only six species are venomous. Snakes are generally not a problem and if left alone won't bother you. The Most Common Snakes In Florida. Snakes in Florida. Most Florida snakes are harmless and beneficial and remove extra rodent populations. The Florida Museum of Natural History at the University of Florida has a lot of good information on these fascinating creatures, including complete physical descriptions, ranges, habitats and habits. The two tables below show the pictures and names of the snakes found in Florida. Florida Pine: This is a snake known by many other names and just a few you might have encountered are - bull snake, black and white snake, common pine snake, chicken snake, eastern bull snake and even white gopher snake. POPULAR: 24 Quality Home Remedies To Get Smooth And Glowing Skin. Florida Snakes Identification. Some of the others might bite you, but a few stitches and a tetanus shot will probably fix you up. Dealing with Snakes in Florida's Residential Areas—Preventing Encounters 1 Steve A. Johnson and Monica E. McGarrity 2 Natural areas that provide homes for snakes and other wildlife are disappearing as more and more of Florida is developed to support the state's booming human population. Our 44 species of native snakes are found in every conceivable habitat, from coastal mangroves and saltmarshes to freshwater wetlands and dry uplands, and many species thrive in residential areas.

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