Feeding ... Fire Bellied Toad Set Up.
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for 10-15 years, although there are a few records of some living up. May 1, 2012. AVERAGE SIZE: 2 - 3 inches. These beautiful amphibians are found in the highlands and rice patties of China, Korea, and Southern Russia. 50-80% humidity is ideal for Fire Belly Toads. The Fire Belly Toad is actually a frog and makes an easy-to-care for pet. Fire-Bellied Toad Life Cycle. Having a 50/50 water to land ratio will, in fact, help to achieve desirable humidity with minimal misting. Lifespan: around 10 to 15 years (sometimes longer) Behavior and Temperament of Oriental Fire-Bellied Toads The bright colors of these amphibians serve as a warning to predators. Size:1-2″.

to 30 years, believe it or not.

Life span is approximately 7-15 years with proper care.

Aug 3, 2012. by Contributing Editor. Size. View Products. Life Span: 7-15 years. 2011-03-01 19:25:28. Bombina orientalis. TheFrog.org - A user seeks advice on what kind of enclosure is best for fire bellied toads.

Age. CAGE TEMPS: day temps 68-70 degrees* If temp falls below 65° at night, may need supplemental infrared or ceramic heat. They are a long-lived species as frogs go -- Typically they live. Adult size is 1-2 inches with little to no difference in size between male and female.

LIFE SPAN: 10-15 years. Their small size, easy care, and interesting behaviors make them a great first pet. Fire Bellied Toad. Fire-Bellied Toad Set Up.

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