Some of our pigeons lay eggs, but they NEVER hatch. The Indian Fantail itself has been dated back to 1560 A.D. Read some more information about the Indian Fantail pigeon breed below. I doubt it is viable. How to identify male and female pigeons inside eggs | Pigeons - Breeding Tips | Useful tips and techniques about pigeons breeding. This is 10 - 15 days longer than most of our backyard birds.

I have been wanting to do this now for quite some time, but haven't had the opportunity. sharp pointed ones … Incubation last for about 18 days and the young will leave the nest in 25 to 29 days after hatching. What time do pigeon eggs hatch? She will skip a day, and then lay her second egg. The hatch ratio does go down considering the mail and time, but im still getting about 60% hatch ratio with Chickens and Pheasants. Order Show Pigeons online: many varieties & colors from Black Lace Old Frill Satinette Pigeons to Gold Black Wing Angel Pigeons for sale One hatches other takes rest, foods, water and shift changes another takes rest and have meal with relaxation. Your question is missing a few key info… i don’t think you can farm pigeon eggs for food as for reproduction * Eight to 12 days after mating, the females lay 1 to 3 (usually 2) white eggs which hatch after 18 days. ... pigeon man, the average time for fantails, and all breeds, is 18 days. This time frame is considerably longer than most birds. I have had chicken and pheasant eggs shipped to me all the time. Indian Fantail pigeon is a medium sized breed with beautiful appearance. But 18 is average. can affect this time, making them hatch a day earlier, or a day later. White fantail pigeons for sale fantail pigeons for sale. There are … £2.50 per egg. Young dependant pigeons are commonly known as ‘squabs’. If your pigeon hen lays eggs and hatches chicks, she and her mate can do most of the work themselves regarding care of the offspring. If it is not freezing outside, she will probably not sit on it all the time. The fantail pigeon may be the oldest fancy pigeon category, since there is a record of these birds going back to Spain in 1150 A.D. Figure: Blondinette pigeon A pigeon is ready to lay eggs after six months age if it gets proper nutrition food, mineral, calcium. Pigeon hatches eggs 24 hours for 17-19 days without taking any breaks male-female pigeon both divides the duty of hatching making shift. how long does it take for fantail eggs to hatch? Hatching Problems The following article is a condensed versions of articles which recently appeared in the Show Homer Club newsletter and are contributed by Ken Chatwin It is an accepted fact that all fertile eggs will not produce a live healthy squab although hatchability rates for pigeons are higher (95-96%) than most other domestic birds such as chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese.

I would think if packaged right it would be ok. They often incubate two eggs at once, laying the eggs within several hours of each other but not beginning to incubate the eggs until both are laid to ensure the eggs hatch at the same time.

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