The managerial roles in this category involve using information. A person in the role of an operations manager must be a master communicator to be effective and successful. But the role of finance managers is to support and inform the company on financial matters. In my view, to call management a job, position, or title is completely missing the mark.

The Role of Manager by Pawel Brodzinski. Decisional Category. The most surprising part, at least for me, was discussion about notion of line manager among disputants. In non-software development or consulting companies, the development manager role is often played by the IT management.

In that position, the manager is accountable to senior executives for performance and to front-line employees for guidance, motivation, and support.

We were talking about criteria we should use to appraise leaders and managers in the organization. 137 The Role of Finance and the Financial Manager How do finance and the financial manager affect the firm’s overall strategy? Definition of manager: An individual who is in charge of a certain group of tasks, or a certain subset of a company.


I have long considered management to be a calling. I believe that the truly great managers of the world have answered their calling to bring the very best out in people, maximizing their potential. Any company, whether it’s a small-town bakery or General Motors, needs money to operate. Her role requires: Quick assessment of the effects of changing circumstances Additionally, the manager acts as a bridge from senior management for translating higher-level strategies and goals into operating plans that drive the business. A: The day-to-day job duties of finance managers vary significantly, depending on their industry.

I took part in a very interesting discussion today. If even one of the departments or managers she deals with has a change in plans, goals or objectives, it could significantly affect the company's overall operations.

on July 26, 2010.

Finance managers analyze data and report to senior managers with advice on profit-optimization, which includes determining necessary costs to reduce expenditures. They count their successes in Responsiveness to the Public Interest – Though a manager is paid to serve the interest of the stockholders of the company, public interest is no less important. Ethical Role of the Manager In a broad construction of the ethical role of the manager, managing and leading can be said to be inherently ethics-laden tasks because every managerial decision affects either people or the natural environment in some way—and those effects or impacts need to be taken into consideration as decisions are made. The word management comes from the Latin phrase "manu agere" that means "to lead by the hand." The role of the manager is to plan, organize, direct and control an organization's resources to achieve a strategic plan. In fact, managers should consider it as of paramount importance, if they have to be successful in their tasks.

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