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Could not find any info, on how to configure APM to get these kind of insights from my elasticsearch cluster, especially when using Docker/container based deployment. However in my case i start the elasticsearch cluster using Docker.

Tagging your APM metrics and request traces with the correct environment helps provide context and also enables you to quickly isolate your service-level data in the Datadog UI. Installation npm install elastic-apm-node --save Quick start. Kibana version: Latest Elasticsearch version: 6.8.1 APM Server version: 6.8.1 APM Agent language and version: Java and 1.12.0 Browser version: Chrome Original install method (e.g. Check the agent_startup.log file to see if the APM Ruby Agent is running within the container: INFO OS Container information: type=docker, identity= In the startup.log , the Host discovery type has two new fields — osContainerType and osContainerId . and version: Source and Docker Fresh install or upgraded from other version? Weave Cloud Agent Docker Certified. Agents should try to read the current container ID from the local filesystem. Elastic.Apm.Tests.MockApmServer : Implementation of APM Server mock used for agent-as-component tests (for example in Elastic.Apm.AspNetFullFramework.Tests ). By Weaveworks • Updated 3 years ago. APM Python Agent [5.x] — other versions APM Ruby Agent [3.x] — other versions APM Real User Monitoring JavaScript Agent [5.x] — other versions You would have to copy the agent jar to the container's filesystem and then edit the command line that starts your Java app to contain the -javaagent flag with the proper jar location within the container. Although the official documentation states the apm-server.yml file should be in /etc/apm-server/apm-server.yml, this image uses /usr/share/apm-server/apm-server.yml. Starting in version 5.13+ of the Datadog Agent, APM is already enabled by default. Weave Cloud is a fast and simple way to visualize, manage and monitor Docker containers, enabling developers to focus on writing code. Supported environments edit The … I have set up an elastic stack with elasticsearch, filebeat, kibana and apm server, and an spring-boot-application with the apm java agent and started my setup in a docker compose file. Its purpose is to receive data from APM agents, transform it into Elasticsearch documents and send them to Elasticsearch. APM server is an open source application written in GO. Elastic APM. In a matter of minutes you can start viewing your performance data either in the dedicated APM app or prebuilt dashboards. A dashboard will first provide you with an aggregate view of metrics across all containers and let you drill down into each docker host and container to see where performance issues lie.

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