Email Address. “Don’t Change” is a song by Australian rock band INXS. Subscribe. Sign up. Don't change for you Don't change a thing for me I found a love I had lost It was gone for too long Hear no evil in all directions Execution of bitterness Message received loud and clear Don't change for you Don't change a thing for me I'm standing here on the ground The sky above won't fall down Name. "Don't Change" came as INXS were making a steady rise, gaining lots of ground in their native Australia and starting to get noticed in other parts of the world. Their career path was similar to that of U2, another band with a mega-charismatic frontman who was developing as a lyricist. Share your incredible moments, message us to get started! Send Message and Don't You Change! Email* Send. Dont Change (630) 430-4300. DONT CHANGE! Steve Horvath, Founder. It was released as a single from the album Shabooh Shoobah, in October 1982. Subscribe with email below and receive Don't Change updates. Contact Me. SIGN OUT. Worthy workarounds How to fix Windows Spotlight Lock screen errors on Windows 10 If Windows Spotlight isn't working or the images don't change, use this guide to fix these issues.

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