Lapse: காலம் கழித்தல். primary_culture = tamil primary_culture = telegu Which basically means 'All british satellites in India'. The Doctrine of Lapse was an annexation policy extensively applied by East India Company in India until 1859. Then the Europeans came and forever changed the geopolitical landscape of Asia and… ... #Doctrine of Lapse 1/2 country_event = ... it was a doctrine only under the British East India Company and was abandoned after the Sepoy revolts by the new British Viceroy in 1858 (see link below). ... Strong convection currents exist during lapse conditions.

A gliding, slipping, or gradual falling; an unobserved or imperceptible progress or passing away,; -- restricted usually to immaterial things, or to figurative uses. primary_culture = tamil primary_culture = telegu Which basically means 'All british satellites in India'. This page provides all possible translations of the word Doctrine of lapse in almost any language. Doctrine of Lapse. Chapter 4, Part 16 Once South and Southeast Asia were lands where Hindu and Buddhist kingdoms and empires, and later Islamic sultanates, conquered one another not only to exert their dominance, but also to control the lucrative spice trade in the region. Doctrine of Lapse The chief instrument through which Lord Dalhousie implemented his policy of annexation was the ‘Doctrine of Lapse.’ Under the Doctrine of Lapse, when the ruler of a protected state died without a natural heir, his/her state was not to pass to an adopted heir as sanctioned by the age-old tradition of the country. OK, I Understand lapse . For chemical operations, the state is defined as unstable. Meaning of Doctrine of lapse. It was a corollary to the doctrine of paramountcy, by which Great Britain, as the ruling power of the Indian subcontinent, claimed the superintendence of the subordinate Indian states and so also the regulation of their succession.. … Also, the company acquired Awadh in 1856, by considering it as their duty to save the people from the “misgovernment” of … lapse in Tamil translation and definition "lapse", English-Tamil Dictionary online. The doctrine stated that any princely state under the vassalage of the company will how its territory annexed should the ruler of the said state fail to produce an heir. trine of lapse Would you like to know how to translate Doctrine of lapse to other languages? Lapse definition Noun. Definition of Doctrine of lapse in the dictionary. more ... doctrine of lapse

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