Studies have shown that all of them have their own pattern and style of sleeping. I hope you found today’s post helpful.

They typically hang around for a year or two (max), shorter the warmer the temperature is.
This is interesting.

So it’s easy to find yourself with no more snails after so long a time.

But that doesn’t mean they do. They do not sleep according to day and night schedule with specific hours. - 03/06/09 I bought two gold mystery snails the other day and tossed them in my 10 gallon tank with some zebra Danio. They actually enjoy a courtship with another snail for anywhere from 2-12 hours. As it was mentioned above, they will need higher temperatures for breeding, but more food is very important too. Mystery snails don’t have a very long lifespan. They’re actually hermaphrodites – they’re born with both female and male sex parts. Sometimes apple snails will also go all the way inside their shells and close the trap door and go dormant or "play dead" for a while, too. Before we delve into how much snails sleep, let’s take a look at some basic facts about snails. Facts about Mystery Snails: good algae eater; origin habitat is in China and South America; size between 1-2 inches; interesting is the fact these snails have lungs and gills, aquarium cover is recommended; mystery snails do also like to sleep and float; female lay visible white egg cases above the waterline; lifespan is 1-2 years

Conclusion. After a few hours I returned to find that one snail had buried itself under the gravel almost completely (see attached photo) (you have to zoom in on the center under the bridge). So, now I want to hear from you. In the wild, the may sleep on the underside of a tree branch, or anything that they may be hanging upside down from.

Sleeping patterns of snails . A few days later I noticed they were mating. Don't think they are dead and throw them out! Where do you get your mystery snails for sale? Hibernation (winter sleep) : is the state of dormancy in which some animals spend the winter in colder latitudes. Mystery snails are gonochoristic, which means there are male and female snails and you obviously will need both sexes for breeding.
I have several purple apple snails (apple snails are often called mystery snails) and they sleep all the time.

(typically October through April in the Northern Hemisphere). The estivation (Summer sleep ) : an other state of dormancy in which like other species snails spend periods of heat or drought in warmer latitudes. beh., sys. In captivity, Giant African snails sleep of either the wall or the ceiling. It is proven that they need to sleep, but it is not shown that all of them sleep at the same time as humans. You can tell they aren't dead if you tap on the trap door and it is tightly shut.

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