And they do have a way to sense vibrations in the water. But, why do fish have ears, and what do they use them for? Fish do not have earlobes, but they can have openings like ear canals (often many of them). I swear my goldfish in pond know the sound of my voice, but that could be because they can feel my walk on the ground as I approach the pond. Male frogs' eardrums are larger than their eyes; females' are smaller. David S. Il y a 1 décennie. Actually, fish can hear quite well.

It would be rather funny to see fish dashing through the water with land animal-type ears on them, wouldn't it? I don't think they have ears such as ours, of course, or one might notice, however, they do respond to vibrations. Sure they do. Instead of ears opening to the outside of their heads like we have, fish have ear bones called otoliths inside their heads. This means that their hearing sense is pretty much normal and … Nerve endings in your ears send messages to your brain about the sounds they feel. 7 réponses. All sounds are made from vibrations, so hearing is really a kind of feeling. Can Goldfish Hear Sound? You just can't see them.

These internal ears are more complex than a human ear since sound vibration in water travel up to five times faster than sound does in air. There are fish species that have no eyes and others with reduced abilities to see, as they live in waters where there is no or very limited amounts of light. they have gills that they breathe through by tanking oxygen out of the water (thats why its important to have a well oxygenated aquarium). Fish have inner ears, but because the ears have no outside openings, we don't see them. First, you need some sound facts. Here we go. Water transmits sounds better than air, allowing fish to "hear" very well.

They pick up sounds in the water through their bodies and in their internal ear, according to the National Wildlife Federation. Your ears "feel" sound waves, too. Water transmits sounds better than air, allowing fish to "hear" very well. When a sound wave passes though the water, the vibrations from the sound wave hit the fish and make the otoliths vibrate so that the fish … ANSWER: Fish don't have ears that we can see, but they do have ear parts inside their heads. While there are usually no openings on a fish’s head for sound to enter, they do have inner ears that pick-up sound through their body. Some fish don’t have lateral lines, but do have cilia that serve as mechanoreceptors translating acoustically induced particle motion and pressure gradients into the sensory system of the fish. In this article, I will answer the question, “Can goldfish hear sound?” in detail and help you figure out what’s going on. Yes, they absolutely do. At first glance, fish don’t appear to have ears, but that doesn’t mean they can’t hear.

Of course, fish do still need to hear. Anonymous.

can they hear? Everyone knows that fish don’t have ears so, is it still possible that they can hear sound? Of course they do.

Sharks, which are fish, also have a keen ability to sense electricity. Some eels have better hearing than others.

Frogs don't have external ears, but they do have ear holes, located directly behind their eyes. All the time we were quiet, whispering to each other, trying to guess their next jump. They don’t have any ears! 12 Answers. Answer Save. They also nave noses that they can smell with (but they can only smell, not breath with their noses). However, up to date there has been no fish that has been found lacking ears. Goldfish don’t have external ears but they do have internal ear bone masses called otolith that are suspended above a densely hair covered macular membrane. Répondre Enregistrer.

But fish do indeed have ears – inner ear organs that are sensitive to how deep and how fast they’re swimming.

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