Other shell markings vary, with the most eye-catching being born by the aptly-named Ornate Diamondback (M. t. macrospilota) of Florida. Quick View. Quick View. LLO6 Out of stock.

LLO8 Out of stock. While at the Bronx Zoo, I experimented with salt as a cure/preventative…results were mixed. M. t. littoralis has a dark, heavily grooved carapace with a dorsal keel. I use Acriflavin to treat most of the skin problems on a diamondback terrapin. It has gray skin with dark spots or speckling and typically has a pretty white to grayish-blue head. Quick View. Best way to get rid of fungus.

The Diamondback Terrapin, which naturally inhabits brackish environments, is prone to shell fungus … Northern Diamondback terrapin for sale. LLO8 Out of stock. Diamondback Terrapin Fungus + Sores Sign in to follow this . Quick View. Diamondback terrapins are turtles with concentric, diamond-shaped markings and grooves on the scutes (plates) of their carapaces (top shells), which range from medium gray or brown to nearly black. LLO3 Out of stock.

Once they get white patches on their arms you will need to do more than just change the water.

Skin: light specks and/or streaks with brighter individuals possessing bold spots and dashes.Color varies from dark gray to white.

It was Memorial Day weekend, during a family vacation in 1973.

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Their skin color is a pale to dark gray or black, flecked with dark spots, blotches or stripes. Not surprising considering the contrasting shell and variable skin colors. Leeches and barnacles can usually be removed carefully with tweezers or hemostats.

While other species have their adherents, no one could ever say that Diamondback’s, with … The carapace, marked with deep concentric grooves and ridges, is unique in the turtle world. The common name of these turtles refers to the diamond pattern on top of their shell (carapace), but the overall pattern and coloration vary greatly. Quick View. The carapace (shell) of the diamondback terrapin varies in color from brownish or greenish to grayish or nearly black. It can be hard to find this day. LLO5 Out of stock. Their scaly, gray or whitish skin is covered with black spots or streaks. Acriflavin is used to kill fungus on fish eggs and works very well for skin problems on diamondbacks. While other species have their adherents, no one could ever say that Diamondback’s, with their beautifully patterned markings, are drab. I can vividly recall my first experience with the diamondback terrapin.

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