When larva emerge within a short 8 – 24 hours, they embrace their feast of fecal matter. Adults are typically associated with broken woodlots where they patrol the edges in search of a meal. Life Cycle. An egg mass has been found as early as May 5th and as late October 13th. Deer flies are most active in June and July. Life Cycle of a Fly Stage 2 : Fly Larva. Deer flies are slightly larger than house flies and have dark markings on the wings. Throughout the summer, eggs are laid by gravid females on clusters of vegetation (often cattails or …

Their bodies are often yellow and black striped. What do Fly Larva Look Like?

The summarized life cycle of horse and deer flies begins with the emergence of adults from late spring into summer, depending on the species. Most species overwinter in the larval stage and pupate during the spring and early summer. They can also have severe impacts on tourism! Upon becoming active, adults of both sexes feed on energy-rich sugars in nectar, plant sap, or honey dew produced by sap-sucking insects such as … Deer flies can reduce milk production in dairy cows by 20 to 30% and can cause up to 100 pounds in weight loss in cattle. Life Cycle (Back to Top) Adult tabanids are encountered in Florida between the months of May and September. Here, they’ll spend the first half of their larvae stage engrossed in a feeding frenzy that will sustain them into their next life cycle stage.

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