This review was written by Dr. Jim and Mary Clary. EN ES FR.

with two .060" veggie wads, and a dab of Bore Butter on the started wads before starting the bullet. Optima V1 SS / Camo Black Powder Muzzleloader Rifle with Scope. It has the breech release on the front of the trigger guard, And it works flawless. It came with a 28" fluted, .50 cal barrell and a 30/06 centerfire barrell.

Optima® V1 Powder Muzzleloader Rifle with Scope Black / SS. CVA's are great guns that perform flawlessly, and won't cost you an arm and a leg.

Price: $375. find a store buy online.

Modeled after CVA’s top-of-the-line ACCURA® V2, OPTIMA V2 rifles feature the same trigger-guard actuated breeching lever, internal parts, and trigger.

CVA Optima V2 .50 Caliber Muzzleloader with KonusPro 3-9x40mm Scope Select one of these thumbnail images to view it in the above larger display.

I mounted a 3x9 scope on it, and installed the CVA Blackhorn 209 breech plug. owner’s instruction and safety manual for optima/wolf this p amphlet contains information critical to the safe use and maintenance of cva muzzleloading firearms.

With Stainless Steel barrel, Camo Thumbhole stocks, and Scope Mount.

CVA Optima V2 Nitride Barrel Break Action Black Powder Rifle $ 326.00. List Price: Our Price: $ 279.99 - $ 329.99 $ 251.99 - $ 296.99. Just Ordered a new CVA Optima V2 SS and was wondering what Powder and Bullets I should get for Bear and Deer hunting.
Revised CVA Optima V2 Muzzleloader Instruction Video 1-24-2014 - Duration: 12:46.

Optima V1 SS / Camo Black Powder Muzzleloader Rifle with Scope.

It came with a 28" fluted, .50 cal barrell and a 30/06 centerfire barrell. SKU: PR2028SM. I did not see any indication of V1 or V2 or Bergara barrel marks.

Smooth break-barrel action and balance, all leading to unparalleled accuracy. Stainless with camo stock... $500 new. The Optima, whether Pro or Elite, has served as CVA’s mid-priced break-action muzzleloader since 2002.

My goal was to find a rifle and load that would produce at least 3" groups at 200 yards.

ACCURA™ V2 .50 Cal SS Nitride Barrel with APG Camo Stock, KonusPro 3-9x40 IR Scope and Case Outfit. Thread starter Edwardamason; Start date Sep 6, 2013; Help Support Modern Muzzleloader: E. Edwardamason Well-Known Member. CVA® .50 cal. Although it has the same name as previous Optima muzzleloaders and the stock and barrel are essentially the same, the new Optima V2 borrows its action and trigger designs from the “top-of-the-line” Accura V2 series. I have the .45 cal and .270 win combo. CVA's are great guns that perform flawlessly, and won't cost you an arm and a leg. CVA Optima V2 209 .50 Caliber Muzzleloader with Scope Combo The CVA® Optima® V2 enhances the Optima's long history of reliability with exciting features from CVA's top-of-the-line Accura V2: the trigger-guard actuated breech lever, internal parts, and "neutral-center-of-gravity" trigger. ... CVA .50 cal.

0:49 CVA Optima V2 Full Camo … Play Mute 50% Buy Now Fullscreen Theater mode Next Previous TS CC. 12:46. Team Bonehead Member Craig reviews the CVA Optima .50 cal muzzleloader and then proves it's worthiness by taking a long shot at a doe in West Virginia. CVA® 50 cal. Item # WX2- 621057 The Optima is CVA’s mid-level break action muzzleloader, above the Wolf and below Accura. roll over image to zoom in overview.

Our Rifle/Scope/Case Outfits include a gun with KONUS® scope, mounted with a genuine DuraSight® DEAD-ONTM one-piece mount and ready to travel in a CVA padded soft case. For … All OPTIMA … Sep 6, 2013 #1 So I noticed that CVA has changed the break open lever on the Optima from the lever on the front of the trigger gaurd to a more freindly TC Encore type of take down system. Videos (1) Our price was $279.99 through $329.99 now $251.99 through $296.99 0 at this price. While the Wolf was a great muzzleloader and I was pleased with how it performed, the CVA Optima Northwest is a big step up from it. Although when I talked to a CVA Technician about my Optima he stated it had a …

When your first shot is your only shot, take aim with this Optima Rifle. CVAOfficial 123,394 views. I chose the CVA Optima V2 stainless, having read reports of these rifles being well made and accurate. It comes with a CVA Limited Lifetime warranty. $681.50. King of 2 Miles - Ep 1802 - Duration: 21:31. The CVA .50-caliber Optima V1 SS/Black Muzzleloader Rifle has a 14-inch length of pull and measures 41 inches long and weighs 6-3/4 pounds. I looked at my Optima. CVA Optima V1 VS V2.

you must read this material entirel y and full y underst and this informa tion before you can safely use your muzzleloader.

EN ES FR. Add to Cart for Special Price Save up to: $ 33.00 (10%) SHIPS FREE … Play Mute 50% Buy Now Fullscreen Theater mode Next Previous TS CC.

Joined Dec 4, 2011 Messages 744. An engineering masterpiece, the CVA .50-caliber Optima V1 SS/Black Muzzleloader Rifle will extend your hunting seasons and will occupy a cherished place in your hunting cabinet.

if firearm is loaned or sold by a dealer or individual, this book must accompany the firearm. Grid View List View.

An engineering masterpiece!

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