2 ACTIVITY: Exploring Rules About Angles 4.

Adjacent angles are two angles that share a common vertex and side, but have no common interior points. The images on the posters I created as reminders to my students about each type of relationship.
b. 60í 120í 60° + 120° = 180° So, the angles are supplementary. If x and y are complementary angles, then both x and y are acute. One poster has all 4 pairs and the other 4 each have one type. Section 5.1 Classifying Angles 185 Work with a partner. Supplementary Angles Words Two angles are supplementary angles if the sum of their measures is 180°.
This product contains 5 mini posters for special angle pairs, supplementary, complementary, vertical, and adjacent angles. complementary angles. IN YOUR OWN WORDS How can you classify two angles as Copy and complete each sentence with always, sometimes, or never. a. ∠∠5 and 6 are adjacent angles ∠∠7 and 8 are nonadjacent angles. Notes: Linear Pairs and Vertical Angles b. c. If x is a right angle, then x is acute. If x and y are supplementary angles, then x is acute. a.

Adjacent Angles Complementary angles and supplementary angles can be adjacent angles or nonadjacent angles. Examples EXAMPLE 1 Classifying Pairs of Angles Tell whether the angles are complementary, supplementary, or neither.

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