Inclusion of Family: Cayman Islands Investor Residency. Cayman residents must follow all of the procedures for completing the electronic visa application forms if they wish to apply for a visa. Expert in Cayman Islands visa services since 2003, VisaHQ is a private visa agency, not affiliated with the government of Cayman Islands.VisaHQ provides expediting services for visa to Cayman Islands and charges a service fee. Nationals of United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom and most countries within the British Commonwealth do not require visas to enter the Cayman Islands. There you have it. See how we compare in the 90 seconds video persons employed by the Cayman Islands Government. holders of a Residency & Employment Rights Certificate. From first passports for newborns to obtaining/renewing a passport for yourself or your children, we try to explain the process in a way that makes it seem a bit less daunting. The following people do not require a work permit: Caymanians. Cayman Islands Temporary Work Permits are usually used only for truly temporary work but can be used to get someone working in Cayman very quickly. The WORC authorities generally dictate that individuals should not be present in the Cayman Islands while a Work Permit application is in process, however, this does not apply if you are already legally resident, including (for example), working legally on a Temporary Work Permit (TWP) and the Full version is submitted to WORC before your Temporary Permit expires. More About Visa Applications. There is also a category of Visitor’s Work Visa, which permits individuals who are employed outside of the Islands, and who wish to visit for up to five calendar days at a time, in order to engage in commercial activity with a locally licensed entity or person (a ‘sponsor’), to apply for the grant of a Visitor’s Work Visa. They can be reached at (345) 949-8344. There you have it. If the dependant is a child, a certified birth certificate naming you as a parent and (if old enough) a letter from a Cayman Islands’ private school confirming acceptance is required (expat children are only allowed to attend private schools, unless their parents work for the government). For specific questions regarding entry into the Cayman Islands, including visa requirements, contact the Cayman Islands Department of Immigration. UK Embassy Cayman_islands - Take the Free UK Visa Eligibility Assessment to determine if you can apply for an UK Visa for Travel or Immigration. To establish a Substantial Business Presence, you must own (or propose to won) at least 10% of the shares in a business in an approved industry. Cayman Islands - Work Skills & Ancestry Visas A Work Visa (often referred to as a Work permit) is a generic term for a legal authorization which allows a person to take employment. holders of permanent residence with the right to work. Cayman Immigration Consultant Services is the second longest established Immigration Consultation entity in the Cayman Islands. By law, you may not accept jobs in the Cayman Islands without a work permit. Various other countries are also exempted but for example, citizens of Jamaica, Colombia, Saudi Arabia and Belarus currently require visas before being admitted into the Islands. Further Reading.

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