Where I worked in London many years ago a guy used to butter a weetabix with marmalade, microwave it so the marmalade sank in and than bring it in to work to … Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Alchemy, Jun 4, 2006. (weetabix) Related Questions.

if you have too much weetabix, youre going to be too powerful for your own good! It comes in the form of palm-sized (approx.

If you eat Weetabix that is. If you wish to refer to Weetabix you should use the term 'I will eat a bowl of weetabix' or 'some weetabix' as theoretically it is a useless description of a product.

There used to be a series of Weetabix adverts years ago that carried the line "bet you can't eat three" It implied jokingly that being able to eat three Weetabix was some kind of manly achievement! The UK cereal is manufactured in Burton Latimer, Northamptonshire, and exported to over 80 countries.

a bit of a smack might turn into a hulk smash. It tasted so good! Wiki User 2011-09-12 22:08:07. well of course everybody know how because it right in front of. Weetabix is a whole-grain wheat breakfast cereal produced by Weetabix Limited in the United Kingdom. The shredded wheat advert challenged the public with 'can you eat three shredded wheat?' weetabix is hefty stuff. Show only OP | Page ... Posts: 1,371.

weetabix = super power up. Although I'm sure they wouldn't care that someone eats 3 if it means they sell more Weetabix.

I also don't put any fruit on them. Yet gramatically it is in fact incorrect as the term shredded wheat again is non countable.


Weetabix cake.

This advert and others featuring football manager Brian Clough and the actor Richard Kiel, who played Jaws in James Bond films, have not run for some time. A bowl of cereal can be a very personal thing - you are what you eat and all that. Lay flat in bowl. Does anyone give this for a brekfast or ... and I was advised to only give weetabix about 3 times a week, I suppose due to the high fibre content which could cause an intolerance.

Based on our investigations, it appears the best way to eat your Weetabix is with cold milk and bananas. Last edited: Jun 4, 2006. Pour over milk until they're half submerged (making sure to splash the tops so theres no dry bits) - sprinkle sugar over the top of the weetabix (I'll do about half a tsp) - wait a couple minutes for them to absorb the milk and go soggy. 15 British adverts from the '90s and '00s that will take you right back to your childhood ... eat jaffa cakes are you even a ’90s kid? Packed with juicy sultanas and mixed spices, who would have thought breakfast cereal could taste so good? The brainchild of one Trevor Beattie, they starred in a long series of TV ads from March 1982 until November 1989. Kay, as much as I like weetabix I don't know why anyone would want to put ice cream and choccy sauce on top of it [smilie=017.gif]!

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If you’re a fan of fruity malt loaf, you’ll love this terrific recipe. 9.5 cm × 5.0 cm or 4" × 2") rounded rectangle-shaped biscuits.Variants include organic and Weetabix Crispy Minis (bite-sized) versions. Start your day smiling with delicious wholegrain Weetabix breakfast cereals specially created for your incredible insides. I use these anniversary bowls that fit exactly two.

At work I regularly put 3 Weetabix in a bowl, fill the bowl to the brim with milk, then cover the Weetabix with segments of Orange. The Weetabix soak up the milk and go all soggy, and then the Orange sits on top of the much letting the orangey flavour seep in. u!! bit of a rage = OVER 9000! Asked in Plural Nouns

No I didn't pinch the idea off the coco pops ad, I just made do with what I had in the cupboard - 3 weetabix, milk and a sachet of cadbury's Options

In a discussion today it seems I am the only person who "melts" them with boiled water. eat it wisely;D 4 or 5 Weetabix is where its at. The first thing I had to eat after I had my LO was 2 weetabix with branflakes and milk. a light punch could become a falcon punch. Dunk, Crunch, Brains, Brian and Bixie, AKA the Weetabix bovver boys and girl, were determined to stamp out "titchy breakfasts".

Weetabix, a staple of the U.K. breakfast table, entered American hands this week with its acquisition by Post Holdings, maker of Honey Bunches of Oats and Raisin Bran, for $1.76 billion. Bet you can't eat three" appears. I was wondering what age babies can eat ready brek porridge. I highly recommend it.


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