I've normally planted them in pots in the greenhouse at the beginning of January (it's usually my post New Year overindulgence head clearer!) Some types are good for forcing into bloom indoors and most are excellent for cut flowers, too.

When is it too late to plant bulbs? If you have bulbs, you can plant them any time in winter, even January or February, with hopes for a spring bloom.

Tulips remain one of the most popular bulbs in the world, with new varieties developed every year. Bulbs aren't like seeds.

btw,,gets cold in winter but not terribly on most day,,snows 1-3 days usually They may produce smaller blooms on short stems later in the spring or summer, or they may wait to bloom on schedule the following spring. By sharing observations over the ... may need to refrigerate your tulip bulbs to force dormancy. Take a look at our pick of five beautiful bulbs to plant in February, for masses of summer flowers, below. Choose your favorites, and enjoy your own Tulip Mania! The truth is that it is not too late to plant spring bulbs - but get on with it. If you plan from the start to keep your tulip bulbs in their container in the winter, then you can take steps when planting the tulip bulbs in containers to make sure they will survive the winter. When choosing tulip bulbs, make sure they are fat and firm. Dig a hole wide and deep enough for your bulbs. Planting in January. Avoid any bulbs that are soft, flabby, moldy, or whose papery cover is missing. how late is too late and what depends on and what will they be like if plant too late and why? If you miss planting your bulbs at the optimal time, don't wait for spring or next fall. This fall, plant a Journey North Tulip Garden so you can proclaim the official arrival of Spring in your community. Some types are good for forcing into bloom indoors and most are excellent for cut flowers, too. Mulch Tulip flowers are usually cup-shaped with three petals and three sepals.
but last year, January was a nightmare in this household with tradesman everywhere, and I didn't get round to planting out the last of my tulips and narcissus until the last weekend in February. For example, for a bulb measuring 5cm (2in) high, dig a hole 10-15cm (4-6in) deep and sit the bulb in the bottom of it ; Place the bulbs in the hole with their ‘nose’, or shoot, facing upwards. The bulbs may not bloom on schedule in the spring. The main thing you need know about when to plant bulbs is that you can plant bulbs until the ground if frozen. Don’t worry if this is the case in your garden, as you can instead plant all the bulbs shown below in pots and containers.

On a recent edition of Gardeners’ Question Time, Bunny Guinness suggested that planting tulips as late as January or February, whilst not ‘text book’, can still result in a reasonable display. Until Monday, September 10th, all of these gorgeous flowers are up to 40% off.

can still plant tulip, daffodil and Iris bulbs up till mid January? Frost mostly affects plants above the ground, not those below the ground. As a rule of thumb, bulbs prefer a light, well-draining soil, so wet, heavy soils are best avoided. By planting varieties with different bloom times, you can have tulips blooming from early to late spring. They won't survive out of the ground indefinitely.

Tulip bulbs are planted in the autumn before the ground freezes. Planting Tulip Bulbs to Survive the Winter.

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