No one wants to give their child a name with a terrible meaning or one of the worst baby names of all time, so we've decided to round up 40 unique and gorgeous baby names for parents who have either had miracle babies or feel that their little one is a Godsent gift. This Indian name meaning gift or offering feels familiar via sound ... Arianwen. Adam - Possibly the most biblical name in the book, Adam is an Old Testament name and of course the first … Meaning of these names are either Gift or Gift from God or Blessings from God or Miracle or Magic/wonder. Free bonus: Free download latest BabyNames-2016 ebook. Name Origin Gender Meaning; 1: Abisai: Hawaiian: boy: Variant of Apikai: Gift of God; gift from God. In the 13th century, the Virgin Mary’s house was said to have been flown by an angel from Nazareth to Lauretum. 3 This means someone who is full of brightness or God is gracious. BabyCenter is committed to providing the most helpful and trustworthy pregnancy and parenting information in the world. 4. Barack Barack Obama has made this name famous and he inherited the moniker from his father. Most Unique Baby names for Hindu Baby boys and girls. This means God is gracious. For parents, having a baby that they can watch learn and grow is the biggest blessing they can experience. You can choose to christen your child with that emotion itself, whether it is a boy or a girl. It was a solid hit in the 1800s then disappeared around 1890 and then came back with a bang in … Lovely names like Mireille and Ayah are baby girl names that mean miracle. This is said to mean an angel of God. Take a look at our picks below! A new four legged family member is a very special gift and many people want a name that means gift or even a gift of God so they can remember the joy of their newest fur-baby. It's truly a beautiful thing. One BabyCenter mom expressed beautifully her desire to find a meaningful name for her little one on the way, writing, "We lost our last pregnancy, which was twins, pretty late. Aksha: Aksha is a Hindi origin name, meaning ‘blessing.’ The name is quickly rising in popularity, jumping up 100 spots in the last few years. Amani Eijaz Each baby is a little miracle — a new life that has entered into the world. Aside from these names here are more options you can look into that may mean gift from God or blessed for both boys and girls. Rupert – Rupert is a German name which means brightly shining and born to bring fame. 21 Biblical baby boy names for your little gift from God. This is a Latin version of an Old English name that means blessing of the lord. 1. Asher, meaning “blessing,” was one of Jacob’s 12 sons in the Bible. Royce – An English name which means Royal or born with the Royal Lineage. Daniel: A Hebrew mean that literally means “God is my judge” – a pious man.

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