All orders must be in by the Saturday before by 9pm. Stuffed clams (or stuffies) are popular in New England, especially in Rhode Island, and consist of a breadcrumb and minced clam mixture that is baked on the half shell of a quahog hard shell clam. Deliveries are also on Sunday, but from 11am – 5pm . Bake for 20 minutes or until the clams are cooked through. Active Time 30 MIN Total Time ... Bake the clams until the crumbs are sizzling and lightly browned, about 10 minutes. Curbside pickup is on Sundays from 11am – 2pm. That's 3 whole clams for each baked clam. Divide the stuffing mixture evenly among the clams. Serve with lemon wedges. Dot each clam with a small cube of butter. Menu & Products. Order Now. Active Time 30 MIN Total Time ... over the clams and press lightly. Learn how to prepare this easy Baked Stuffed Clams recipe like a pro. We sell our products at events and farmers markets hot to eat on site and frozen for customers to take home for reheating later. Clam chowder is on our events/farmers market menu to eat on site ... easier as we all weather the COVID-19 pandemic we are now offering free doorstep delivery and curbside pickup for our baked stuffed clams. Clam chowder is on our events/farmers market menu to eat on site . Stuffies - New England Baked Stuffed Clams. Baked Stuffed Clams.
Baked Stuffed Clams.

Step 5. A New England classic, "stuffies" combine the taste of the sea with a slightly spicy bread stuffing, and make an easy side or main course for a seafood night. Baked Stuffed Clams.

Typically prepared with fresh steamed clams, this recipe is an easier version for the more landlocked folks out there. Learn More. Bulk frozen orders are also available . You May Like .

The next time you go clam digging, remember that the most flavorful dishes that you cook are made from the freshest ingredients and the simplest cooking methods.

Stir the stuffing, cheese, parsley and cooked bacon in the skillet and mix lightly.

Our stuffed clams are now available for no-contact, doorstep delivery and curbside pickup. From my clam digging adventure, I ended up using 120 raw clams for my clam recipe which yielded a total of 40 baked stuffed clams. With a total time of only 30 minutes, you'll have a delicious appetizer ready before you know it. Add the butter, onion and garlic powder to the hot bacon drippings and cook until the onion is tender.

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