This post is for you if you want to buy a cheap rice cooker. So for three cups of rice, fill the cooker up to the line marked '3'. The Cuckoo CRP-G1015F makes the best brown rice of all the cookers we tested—grains with just-broken hulls, plump but not on the verge of exploding. Put a generous amount of salt. I havent tried their rice makers but their bread machine is pretty top notch. Premium brand Tiger joins Zojirushi atop the rice cooker food chain, while Panasonic and Aroma occupy the lower end of the spectrum and offer some of the best rice cooker prices. ... delicious rice every time.

... we’ve reviewed some of the best rice cookers on the market.

Pros: Easy to use, sealed lid with steam vent, condensation collector, 3D heat system, compact, good results Cons: Single cooking time, no timer, no variations on time or suggested water input for different types of rice, no delayed start time. Cuckoo automatic rice cooker CR-0331 . Best single function rice cooker. Tiger JNP-1800 Rice Cooker. A very durable rice cooker with a high rice yield and easy to use features that make it a great rice cooker for those on a budget. For less than $50, you can find a quality rice cooker that won't break, or break the bank.

The Zojirushi MICOM Rice cooker and warmer allows you cook up to 6 cups of rice and the in-built MICOM microcomputer technology can be utilized to automatically adapt the cooking temperatures to the type of rice in the pot. Aside from that Ive heard zojirushi is the creme de la creme of rice makers. Once plugged in, you simply close the lid and click the button down to ‘cook’ mode. The capacity for this budget-friendly rice cooker is roughly six cups of cooked rice, or three cups of uncooked rice.

Best High-End: Zojirushi Induction Heating Rice Cooker at Amazon “For those who eat a lot of rice and a wide variety of different kinds.” Best Budget: Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker at Amazon “Includes a basket for rinsing the rice or for steaming foods in the cooker.” Best Smart Cooker: Panasonic "Fuzzy Logic" Rice Cooker at Amazon

Featuring a simple design that’s clear to see and easy to use, the rice cooker cooks rice perfectly in the shortest time required. Tips: 1) quality of rice matters--I get premium Japanese rice and while it's a bit more expensive, you can taste the difference; 2) Follow directions on the bag for best results; 3) Clean the parts to the cooker after every use. Gave away my rice cooker.

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