This forum is for general Beardie discussions that do not fit within other specialized forums. May 21, 2020. We are a husband/wife team of bearded dragon breeders – some of our morphs / phases for sale include red, orange and yellow color morphs, hypomelanistics, leatherbacks, translucent, hypotranslucent, Dunner, genetic stripes, Witblits, and Paradox bearded dragons ( Pogona Vitticeps ). How Much Bearded Dragon Poop is Normal?

I will have some … Our Breeders. We absolutely love breeding and raising happy heathy dragons, this is our main priority. At 7th Galaxy we strive to produce the healthiest & most vibrant bearded dragons on the planet with a passion for customer service and education.

We breed for stunningly beautiful bearded dragons that are also genetically strong and HEALTHY. Topic locked. A silkback dragon can never be housed with another bearded dragon. Bearded dragon breeders are a dime a dozen.

Let us help you make your dream of owning a bearde .. Full Article Posted: 04/16/2020. We are small hobby breeders of bearded dragons based in Ottawa Canada. We are a private breeder of central bearded dragons (Pogona vitticeps) that specializes in various genetic morphs. My dragons from Fire and Ice are the centerpiece of my collection."

446 talking about this. Dachiu Bearded Dragons Welcome to Dachiu Bearded Dragons.

Despite what a lot of people think not just anyone can get a male and female bearded dragon and start selling them. We are here to provide you with great customer service, knowledgeable information and our personal satisfaction guarantee.

Our collection of breeders consists of a myriad of Dragons from various morphs and crosses; allowing us to produce Dragons with ‘Top Notch’ health, vigor and colour intensity. More. We are dedicated breeders of bearded dragon colour morphs, we are working with all the major morphs including Translucents, hypos, leatherbacks and Silkbacks, as well as extreme reds and yellows.

Login to … Bearded dragons tweets loading... Board index ‹ Bearded Dragon Discussions ‹ General Discussion; Advanced search. - Justin Ruffing . They are raised in a clean and controlled breeding facility, where they are handled daily so that they are happy to see and interact with you. Breeders are chosen for their Health, size, color and body structure . We have some really beautiful and unique dragons to choose from. T8 question Eating changes Nostril 46 g at 6 months First dragon, first worry Bearded Dragons- morphs No poos in brumation! Believe it or not, breeding these creatures takes a lot of technical “know how”, commitment, etc. Testimonials. Bearded Dragon Chatter. Superworms - Discoid Roaches.

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