The ban... ded surili was once common throughout the island of Singapore but that population is now critically endangered with approximately 40 to 60 individuals left in the Central Catchment Area. Banded Leaf Monkey: Spread the word. Critically endangered primate in Singapore, where total population is estimated at 40-60 individuals. Let us spread the word and educate the public so they get the attention they deserve!
The banded leaf monkey is one of only three species of non-human primates that are native to Singapore, the other two being the long-tailed macaque and the Sunda slow loris.According to a recent book compiled by the Vertebrate Study Group of the Nature Society (Singapore), it can grow up to 59cm long, or 84cm including the tail. Contrastingly, its face has a bluish tinge. The banded surili also known as the banded leaf monkey or banded langur. The Banded Leaf Monkey Presbytis femoralis inhabits primary forest, mature secondary forest and swamp forest. There are only 40-60 Banded Leaf Monkeys in Singapore today. It is active by day, particularly in the morning and late afternoon, and is mainly arboreal (although in some parts of Thailand the species is known to descend to the ground). Snakes 1.1 Boiga nigriceps Blackheaded cat snake Its diet includes new leaves, and forest fruits. It is believed that the subspecies found in Singapore may be unique to her. The Maroon Langur is also known as the Red Leaf Monkey, named for their dark red to golden brown-coloured fur. 10 + Hemidatylus fasciatus Banded leaf toed gecko 5 + Lygosoma fernandi Fire skink "dark" 4 Phelsuma klemmeri Neon day gecko CB NL 19 0.1 Phelsuma laticauda Gold dust daygecko CB 3.5 Polychrus marmoratus Monkey lizard 1.1 Sceleporus malachiticus Emerald swift . [Primates of Malaysia] #22 Maroon Langur (Presbytis rubicunda) The Maroon Langur is also known as the Red Leaf Monkey, named for their dark red to golden brown-coloured fur. It is endemic to the Thai-Malay Peninsula and the Indonesia island of Sumatra. Raffles' banded langur range in Singapore and Johor, Malaysia The Raffles' banded langur (Presbytis femoralis), also known as the banded leaf monkey or banded surili, is a species of primate in the family Cercopithecidae.It is endemic to Singapore and southern Peninsular Malaysia. Unlike the adult fur colour, the infants of Maroon Langurs are born white (a characteristic of Presbytis langurs), and they will turn into adult fur colour after 8-10 months. 75 likes.

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